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- May 30 2020

Greek Chickpea Salad
Loaded with fresh seasonal veggies and tossed in a tasty and light homemade dressing, this vegetarian Greek Chickpea Salad makes healthy eating a breeze! We love it as a healthy side dish and it's a great meal prep option since it can easily be made in advance!
How to Crochet Kanata Kerchief Tank
Kanata Kerchief Tank Free Crochet Pattern Can you believe that this stunning summer top is actually quite easy to make? It would make a lovely outfit for a romantic walk in the park and for a day at the beach. #crochettop #crochettee #crochetblouse #freecrochetpattern
Low Carb Crunchwrap Supreme (Legit + Easy!)
*NEW* OK guys, this low carb crunchwrap supreme recipe has a couple of steps, but hang with me! One of your favorite low carb lunch ideas had a healthy glow up, and its amazing! #lowcarbcrunchwrapsupreme #ketocrunchwrapsupreme #crunchwrapsupreme #keto #lowcarb
How to Use Fruit Powders Dehydrate
Love dehydrated fruit and want to take it a step further? Powder it and learn how to use it with these tips and ideas to extend your dehydrated foods. #dehydrating #dehydratingtips #fruitpowder
50 Self-Soothing Techniques to Calm Anxiety + Stress | NunziaDreams
During times of stress, emotions tend to run high. This can be true if you struggle with anxiety or are feeling overwhelmed. Self-soothing techniques help to regulate your emotions and bring you back to a calmer state again. Here are 50 Self-Soothing Techniques for Anxiety and Stress! I’ve categorized them via the 5 senses!
Bitmoji Classroom Scenes & Virtual Classroom Backgrounds
Learn everything you need to know about creating a fully interactive virtual Bitmoji classroom using Google Slides! Includes detailed tutorials and tons of inspiration. Perfect to make a distance learning lesson plan or a Google Classroom header. Learn how to add links, videos and more to your virtual classroom. via @erintegration
Random Tumblr Jewels To Occupy Existence With
Tumblr is a cornucopia of weird, dumb and specific thoughts. #funny #lol #tumblr #gems
Why I Teach Class Values Instead of Rules
I am a firm believer that kids will become whatever you tell them they are. My entire classroom management changed for the better when I decided to be focus my growth mindset to be a proactive teacher rather than reactive. Read about what happened when I threw out the rule book and started teaching Classroom Values instead! #GrowthMindset #ClassroomManagement #BuildingBrilliance
Everyone Can Relate To Doing These Things
Whether it's trying not to wake up too much when you go to pee in the middle of the night, or not step on any cracks in the sidewalk, here is a list of things that we all do but never admit to doing. It might make you feel a little less alone next time you catch yourself doing one of them! #memes #relatable #lol #accurate #funny #life
29 Glorious Instances Of Non-Toxic Masculinity
29 Glorious Instances Of Non-Toxic Masculinity - Memebase - Funny Memes
Animal Tweets That Made Us Laugh This Week (May 11, 2020)
Every week, we bring you the finest collection of tweets written about our furry friends.#animals #animaltweets #funnyanimals #funnytweets #funnycats #funyydogs
Some More Classical Art Memes For Cultural Stimulation
Here are some new Classical Art Memes to intellectually stimulate you from the comfort of your own bed. A bit of culture, history, and modern-day meme culture all rolled into one... the best types of museums there are! #classicalmemes #classicalart #classicalartmemes #funny #lol #wtf #memes #history #culture
17 Funny Tumblr Posts That Just Might Make You Feel Better For Five Minutes
17 Funny Tumblr Posts That Just Might Make You Feel Better For Five Minutes
Quotes & Sayings, Wayne Dyer
Inspirational quotes about life. Click on the image to read more great quotes about life. #quotes #sayings
Wholesome Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Right
Wholesome Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Right - I Can Has Cheezburger?
These Self-Deprecating Therapy Tweets Are Giving Us Life
Yeah don't do this. There are real therapists for this sh*t. #Therapy #Entertainment #MentalHealth
She said... I'm a good woman, but one thing I won't do is force a man to realize that
She said... I'm a good woman, but one thing I won't do is force a man to realize that. If he doesn't realize that on his own, it's his loss.
Cleverest Of The Clever Comebacks
These fine razor sharp wits cut through these spicy interactions. #clever #comebacks #funny #lol #jokes
Tumblr Thread: Medieval Battle Tactics Were Wild
Medieval architecture is filled with strange tricks that you wouldn't expect. #medieval #battle #interesting
Morning Glory: Hot Coffee And Fresh Animal Memes
There's nothing like some good laughs on a Sunday morning. So pour your morning cup and scroll through these hot memes. #animalmemes #funnymemes #catmemes #dogmemes #funnyanimals
Totally Random Tumblr Nuggets That Hit The Spot
The creative brains of Tumblr can make things hilariously dumb or mind-bendingly clever. #funny #gems #Tumblr #lol
Star Wars Memes For Anyone Who Hasn't Seen 'The Rise Of Skywalker'
Star Wars Memes For Anyone Who Hasn't Seen 'The Rise Of Skywalker' - Memebase - Funny Memes
31 Best Classroom Management Ideas to Try This Year - Chaylor & Mads
The best classroom management ideas for your daily routine, helping kids manage emotions and setting classroom expectations. Plus, fun new ideas for rewards that the students will love! #classroommanagement #classroomideas
Forget about sex. Just play first
Forget about sex. Just play firs. Dance, sing, read to each other, breathe together - communicate. Don't count on sex to be the door to intimacy. It's the other way around: firgt develop intimacy skills. Then make love to enjoy them.
If it's not making you better, it isn't love
If it's not making you better, it isn't love. True love makes you more of who you are, not less. -Mandy Hale

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