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Singapore teachers ditch Zoom after 'lewd' hijack
A secondary school home-based geography lesson in Singapore was hijacked by two men.
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dailystar Apr 1 shared via Twitter

LainaStebbinsMI Apr 1 shared via Twitter
Zoom lectures being hacked is apparently a thing now. This sucks.

mrezxo Mar 31 shared via Twitter
Anyways, I gonna go cry until I fall back asleep. I hope everyone has a better day! And may your zoom lectures not be hacked 😔

nizhonicbegay Apr 1 shared via Twitter
have u seen that one thread where all the black profs around the country are talking about their zoom lectures being hacked and racial slurs being put on screen, making it unable for them to teach? want to still think racism doesn't "happen" anymore?

alwaystheself Apr 1 shared via Twitter
Wow, I'm so upset to hear this. My colleagues being harassed and hacked = yet another reason why I'm decidedly not using Zoom for lectures..

Is your Institution is still using Zoom App for Online Lectures or have Switched already? Do let us know! Link to the alternative-

TyishaWSB Apr 4
How many of you have been using Zoom for business or personal meetings? I really want to know how many bc I’m doing a story today on hacked meetings, from a bikini wax demonstration for students - to college lectures - to happy hour w/friends.

Suite_Tea Apr 5
Yeah Zoom really isn't secure. Professors are being hacked during lectures and there was this most recently

drestor17 Mar 30
If y’all are taking zoom lectures. Please email your guys program directors and professors to be aware of hackers. Our lecture rn just got hacked and this happened.

Daribbean Mar 31
I hope my zoom lectures get hacked next week

This keeps happening. Zoom lectures/webinars being accessed/hacked so people can call us the n-word. What a shame indeed

Our professors put passwords on ours but it was a thread on here about zoom’s being hacked with people writing racist stuff on them during lectures

Mimimarty1 Apr 14
Why must my zoom lectures keep getting hacked?

someone hacked a bunch of zoom lectures at my school and played porn audio the entire time

i hate that zoom lectures are being hacked with racial slurs. I never really talk about race at ucla but there has been many times where i am the only Hispanic person in a class full of white people & it just feels so tense. We literally have to fight for our voice here

corybowles Apr 4
Seriously though. Now that zoom lectures, teachers and just anyone of colour is getting live hacked by racist trolls are we going to go back to the old ” you are creating the divide” schtick? Cause...

NollerJordan Apr 1
Zoom is getting hacked during lectures by racist dirt bags

Suryaansh_ May 8
Zoom calls get hacked easily. Has happened in one of my lectures too. Can be a possibility in this case.

NajeebaSyeed Apr 1
Yup to all the pro online and zoom I keep saying till my mouth runs dry: It is not good for professors who are critical of the state esp if they are from targeted communities. Our lectures will be hacked, surveilled, reported, cut parts reposted. It is a nightmare for many of us

ADhammachakra Mar 31
Always the most vicious attacks are aimed at black women. Always. I mean professors are having their zoom lectures hacked with racist stuff scrawled all over them. We're in the middle of a pandemic FFS...

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