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Tips for Distance Learning and Zoom Tips (Freebies Too) - Pocket of Preschool
Distance learning tips and FREEBIES plus Zoom Tricks you NEED right now. Flip teh screen, pretty filer and more.
Zoom Directions for Students
Free directions for students on how to access a Zoom conference meeting! They come in both a Google Slides and PDF format.
Digital Stickers in Google Classroom and Seesaw
Use digital stickers to give fun feedback to students on work completed in Google Classroom and Seesaw with these tips! Digital stickers can be used during distance learning or anytime to mark up digital work completed in various online platforms. Learn how to use digital stickers, grab some free digital stickers and see some easy ways to make your own!
End of the Year Activities for Distance Learning - Teach Create Motivate
Ready to celebrate the end of the school year? All of the activities and ideas that I'm sharing today can be used digitally with your classroom.
Zoom Activities to Use with Distance Learning
Zoom Activities to Use with Distance Learning
chipperwhale: Some things I’ve taught myself through out the years. I have not gone to college for art or comics, these are things I’ve learned by just trying to make comics by myself.
Tips for Using Zoom for Distance Learning
Distance learning is challenging, but I want to make sure that the technology platforms you're using are simple and easy to navigate. I'm sharing my tips and tricks for implementing Zoom for your elementary classroom! My ideas will show you how to best use it when teaching your students, and I'll also walk you through different steps that will save you time and effort when troubleshooting what may be a new program to you!
Games for the Zoom Classroom
5 Virtual End of the Year Celebration Tips
Are you planning a virtual end of the year celebration for your students? Come read 5 tips for the most epic virtual end of the year celebration! This post includes FREE printable and digital invitations for you to download and send to your students.
Zoom Classroom Ideas
Have you heard of Zoom? It is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms being used right now for distance learning. Zoom is a pretty easy platform to use once you get started. Here are some easy tips and tricks for using Zoom in your classroom.
Your New Classroom: Distance Learning and Zoom Tips (Freebies Too) - Pocket of Preschool
Distance learning is HARD and it is NOT the same. We would all LOVE to be back in our classrooms with our students but that may not happen this year. So I’m here with distant learning tips, tricks, and ideas to make it easier for you and your kiddos. These tips will help you with...Read More
Virtual Read Alouds During Covid-19
Distance learning and online education is a very real thing that so many teachers, students and parents are facing. This post shares tips and guidelines from publishers for elementary school teachers who would like to share virtual read alouds with their kids while away from the classroom.
Tips for Distance Learning and Zoom Tips (Freebies Too) - Pocket of Preschool
Distance learning tips and FREEBIES for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten plus Zoom Tricks you NEED right now. Flip tehe screen, pretty filer and more.
Google Classroom Tips for Elementary Teachers • What I Have Learned
Teachers are using Google Classroom for distance learning. Here are some tips and resources for starting out using google classroom with your elementary students. Learn to assign work for students and help them navigate the new distance learning and at-home learning requirements from schools.
Using Zoom to Teach Online
Are you looking for steps to easily teach your children online? Using Zoom, you can easily teach kindergarten remotely, or first grade or second grade!
21 Genius Tips for Distance Learning Motivation
21 Genius Tips for Distance Learning Motivation
Distance Learning Activities for Zoom or Google Meet - Not So Wimpy Teacher
Distance Learning Activities for Zoom or Google Meet - Not So Wimpy Teacher
Using Google Classroom - Teach Create Motivate
Have you wanted to get started with using Google Classroom but aren't sure where to start? Or are you curious about what other ways you can use it with your students? This post goes in depth on tips and tricks for using Google Classroom.
Zoom Tips for Teachers During Distance Learning - Teach Create Motivate
Zoom Tips for Teachers During Distance Learning - Teach Create Motivate
A detox smoothie to help us get over the Christmas goodies.
Add some value to playtime with these story starters for kids and parents. Created by developmental psychologist Dr. Holly Ruhl for Motherly, these creative writing and talking prompts will take you all on a fun adventure!
15 Tumblr Posts That Have Endings You Won't See Coming
15 Tumblr Posts That Have Endings You Won't See Coming
Zoom/Google Hangouts Online Class: Rules and Etiquette for Distance Learning
Many of us are quarantined due to the coronavirus. I've begun using Zoom to complete online classes with my students. I felt the need to make a list of rules for them to abide by because, well, the first few days were a bit chaotic! #distancelearningtptI also included one for Google Hangouts and a B...
How To Use ZOOM For E-Learning
Using Zoom For E-Learning - Kindergarten Chaos
How to improve the sharpness of your photography. Photos can get better sharpness by applying these photography tips for DSLR camera users.

Tip_Torres Apr 22 shared via Twitter
The professor is IN: Sign of the times, delivering my first Zoom lecture. [Wardrobe courtesy of Brooks Brothers, Joseph Abboud, and Olukai].

PennUltrasound 19 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
2019 Fellows lecture 005: Bile Duct Measurements-THX demystifying the not-so-elusive bile ducts TIPS: steady image by having your pt hold breath,use color, use both axes, watch your gain, measure w zoom bc it’s so small!

jayvanbavel Mar 31 shared via Twitter
Dear teachers using Zoom: I had my large Intro Psych virtual lecture invaded by trolls yesterday. They interrupted class, impersonated people and insulted my students. I realized this is a growing problem. Here are a few tips to weed them out:

yogainanoka Apr 14 shared via Twitter
Tonight Kamie has a FREE zoom lecture about tips to strengthen and support your immune system!

tamu_innovation Mar 23 shared via Twitter
These are some great tips to remain positive and healthy in this uncertain time! Thank you so much! 👍 Let us know how your zoom lecture goes tomorrow and keep up the amazing work!

dcwych Mar 12

Sarah_Mojarad Apr 18
As a speaker and student teaching and learning on Zoom currently, one important tip I have for an audience is to be animated with your feedback. Nod, smile, give a thumbs up. It helps the speaker know you are engaged and actively listening to the lecture.

You should do a 1 hour zoom lecture meeting with tips on bark, burnt ends, and maybe something else. Charge $25/person. You'd would have nothing in it. Clear profit.

SueCurd Apr 23
and my tips take the time to set out etiquette of Zoom and make it interactive not a lecture.

DrTimothyTiu May 22
"Just the tip" and "put your hand on your butt" If you want to learn how these phrases pertain to and how to perform ultrasound injections, DM me for the Zoom link to my 1PM EDT lecture! If I'm not answering, DM

PenDailyNews May 13
Laurel Moulton will present “Growing Legumes for Fresh Eating and Storage” at noon Thursday. The lecture is part of the Green Thumb Garden Tips series streaming on Zoom Meetings.

cwt_humber May 13
[Zoom Training]Effective Presentations...tried-n-true tips, tools and techniques! This session will vary in methodology from lecture to discussion to role playing to listening to audios to lecture to handout recording. To register :

I've been teaching online for 19 years (!). As universities move courses online, I'm curious to see how they will help faculty develop pedagogy beyond just throwing content into an LMS or Zoom lecture. Pro tip: meaningful interaction is key.

AlunAshton Mar 29
, hello from swiss isolation (not noticed any difference really!). Any tips or tricks on the best way to use zoom for a lecture? Was it the licensed or free version?

Happy to chat! I teach a live online R course through Zoom; I share my screen & lecture/live code as I would in an in-person format. I've posted a list of tips & tricks around teaching via live webinars; not specific to coding, but still applicable!

Awesome Zoom lecture today with Gareth Edwards talking all things Star Wars: Rogue One, Godzilla, Monsters, and working as a director for the studios. Lots of hints and tips to takeaway. Big thanks to for the invite.

SeanSTownsend Mar 16
Getting ready to use Zoom for the first time for a lecture on Friday. Any tips?

Hahaha. I didn't drink at all and I just got in bed. SO responsible. Gotta be tip top for my zoom lecture in...7 hoursish.

Chief resident zoom lecture series with Dr. Roth and Dr. Patel @Brown_Wildcat on CPT codes, RVUs and tips for a successful practice!

HxxxKxxx May 6
TIP: If you want to record your lecture, simply open a zoom meeting without guests, press Record and share the screen. Result: mp4 file

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