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BarstoolFIU Mar 21 shared via Twitter
Definitely a Top 10 Zoom lecture fail.

cris_mazzei 24 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Join us live on Sept 25th, at 6pm ET for a lecture (free) by UMass Amherst's Prof. Moira Inghilleri titled "When Words Fail: Expanding the Borders of Translation." Click on the flyer below for information on how to attend via Zoom:

pdwschmidt Mar 29 shared via Twitter
Just set out to record my first "10 Minute Zoom lecture", with which to flip the classroom this week. Came in at a nice, tidy 24 minutes. Fail!

MeganHammer11 Mar 25 shared via Twitter
A ZOOM LECTURE MONDAY AT 9AM where do i sign up to just fail?????

hauntedpalz Apr 13 shared via Twitter
im going to fail my math test this week because my math teacher doesnt do zoom lectures and literally didnt record a lecture for the first half of the material!!!!!!

Zoom classes are going to be the reason I fail math, 30 minutes in and I realized I've zoned out half the lecture already 🤦🏻‍♀️

lethiwe00 Apr 19
Finally online learning resumes. My first lecture this a.m. initially thought I'd just wear my college branded shirt on top and my pj shorts at the bottom but I don't want any zoom fails so opted for a long dress.

Dr__ICE Mar 23
1st FAIL of online teaching: Just gave today’s lecture for the 2nd time because the Zoom recording was mysteriously cut-off 5 mins in for the live stream and need to post content for those who had schedule conflicts - hopefully this was a one-time thing...

Where the fuck y’all find these professors at??? My teachers said here are the assignments and a shitty zoom lecture; Try not to fail 😚

Thapi_T May 5
eLearning is not sustainable. We got data yes but network is a major problem I missed 80% of the guest lecture because network was a problem, my lecturer only joined the Zoom lecture when 10 minutes was remaining because she had network problems too. Imagine if it was a test=Fail

oh_squidney_ Apr 6
I wonder if Kathryn would fail me if I turned in all my assignments but never attended another zoom lecture bc I rlly cant fuuuuuucking take it

Teachers who make you turn on your camera on zoom are just setting us up to fail, the girls and i didnt stop laughing once during the lecture today

remstyIes Mar 30
i deadass have no idea what’s happening in this zoom lecture i’m really bout to fail this class

You think MCPS will fail me if I miss an online lecture to get on a climate Zoom call five times?

ahhchim Apr 7
i have not attended one zoom lecture bc im too anxious ngl im kinda scared to fail exams

My 1:00 zoom lecture never fails to put me to sleep😂

ribangaz Mar 26
I was answering a question in my zoom lecture and David farted smh I’m boutta fail

bigbootcowboy Apr 27
What's popping you guys currently on Twitter instead of listening to my zoom lecture haha 👅👅👅👅 I'm gonna fail

carmichaelsk Mar 19
Remote lecture fail. Yes, that's a iPad running Zoom and yes that's a cat planting herself directly in front of the camera while I'm talking.

ZacBeingGreen Mar 30
I’m the only student that has their camera on during this zoom lecture, and the teacher complimented my 😊. It’s a shame I’m making this class pass/fail

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