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zoom: 1; background-color: #cccccc; -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Chroma(Color=#cccccc) progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.DropShadow(Color=#99cc99, OffX=3, OffY=3)"; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Chroma(Color=#cccccc) progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.DropShadow(OffX=3, OffY=3, Color=#99cc99); }
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barstoolsports Mar 26 shared via Twitter
That zoom lecture background looks familiar 🤔. Real ones know. (Via ig:notbrandonwoo)

LeXxiBu Apr 13 shared via Twitter
Sleep with the zoom lecture in the background >>>>>>>>>🥴

MerlinIsHere Apr 6 shared via Twitter
Me: -in my zoom lecture- Teacher: Merlin please tell your little sister to stop making those faces in the background Me, knowing I’ve lived alone for two years:

HSamyAlim Mar 27 shared via Twitter
FAM!! My first ZOOM lecture went GREAT!! If you know me, you KNOW I’m a ! But I wanted to make the students feel “at home”, so to speak, by representing & broadcasting with the virtual background of the Sculpture Garden on campus.

bombbiggity Apr 9 shared via Twitter
Made this video my zoom background so I don’t have to sit in my lecture.

frauglet May 12
i have to have video on during my zoom lecture tomorrow and i’m going to use this picture of my frogs as my background

ajcbos Mar 31
Not to expose myself but I zoom with my friends and I accidentally forgot to change my background back to none and so I logged onto my 300 person lecture the next morning with THIS:

yes the zoom lecture is playing in the background

shoomlah Apr 14
Attending ' online lecture on the people of Amarna at 4AM, very excited and tired and waiting out the clock by carefully choosing an appropriate Zoom background

MartaKiros Apr 9
people in the class groupchat talking bout “this lecture is the background noise to my twitter scroll” 😭😭😭😭 zoom university not going too well folks

lukeylux Mar 23
So so so so close to being caught up. All while a zoom lecture is playing in the background LMAO

_KingBooks_ Mar 18
First university class on zoom included: - A guy changing his background to a video of the Oscars and silently reacting to Moonlight winning best picture throughout the lecture - A girl with a mixing bowl full of brownie batter, eating it off the spoon - A Kermit the frog puppet

drussellpsu Apr 30
I'm sad to see the semester come to an end. Definitely not how I expected to teach the last 7 weeks. But, I did find a way to get excited about each Zoom class lecture. Here's the entire collection of my Zoom backgrounds and costumes (in order of appearance).

sensitivesabah 16 hours ago
not me cooking with my zoom lecture as background sound

Friday I’m giving a lecture to students at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Due to COVID-19 it’s going to have to be over Zoom so help me pick a funny background

the only thing keeping me alive (or something close to it) on an 8am Zoom lecture was my background 😅✌🏻

kecia_ali May 8
I agreed to do a Ramadan lecture for my mosque & they just sent me a picture of the musallah, where such talks are usually held, to use as a virtual background while I Zoom. I can't decide whether to laugh at this attempt to create normalcy or cry at what we're missing this month

AkinUnver Apr 29
Today's International Security zoom lecture had a side quest where the students were asked to identify disruptive non-state actors in my virtual background.

jelliflor 3 hours ago
currently on zoom and the lecture is my background noise

OhLU27 5 hours ago
Someone in a zoom lecture has stouffers lasagna as their background and I’m cracking up!

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