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ZoeLovesTweets 31 seconds ago shared via Twitter
Congrats for 1K followers. Keep spreading ur magic 🦋❤

AlexInTheHyphen 4 minutes ago shared via Twitter

ZoeLovesTweets 49 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Pls follow She is one of the sweetest, cutest n craziest Rashamians 🤪❤❤

Alex_Roblez1986 17 seconds ago shared via Twitter
hmm. looks like my brain is functioning like it used to. (soap residue wouldn't let me think, I've felt like I was gonna make a mistake if I continued with amazon. O_O?!?!)

memecrashes 29 minutes ago shared via Twitter

Alex_EAD 1 minute ago
71FE8174 :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 120 Ca Ong

ShamrockRovers 9 minutes ago
In memory of Rovers supporter, Alex Ryan ☘️

Alex17703974 54 minutes ago
I am waiting for the moment you and your bosses are found guilty

chunkytabis 5 seconds ago
I think about this video probably 200 times a day something about the way he says it HFHWHWHA

ZoeLovesTweets 12 minutes ago
I love u 🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤

dislikebitches 2 minutes ago
Bro why she tryna be me for the talent show ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

CW_Simpson 7 minutes ago
The world’s dirty money by the numbers.

miffythegamer 11 minutes ago
Tommy the Guido Fawkes tea boy & Tory useful idiot thinks he’s a “journalist”. Let’s face it, he’s hardly John Simpson or Kate Adie, is he?

AlexKokcharov 11 minutes ago
In , the head of the Central Electoral Commission Pamfilova said that voters in several regions could vote using online in the upcoming public vote on constitutional amendments:

AlexBoyd 26 minutes ago
Stop what you are doing and read this.

zoe_apparel 5 minutes ago

ZoeLovesTweets 12 minutes ago
Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Alex_CPT 11 minutes ago
probably...hoping not.

AlexExile10 26 minutes ago
Going on a Picnic, best take lashings of this !! 😋

taehyungster 1 hour ago
Going to your friends lush new apartment for pre drinks and he has Simpson-style potraits of himself all over the wall .... king shit tbh

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