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The modders behind Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines' Unofficial Patch are making an unofficial prequel
News world news bbc news cnn news sport news 'Half-Life: Alyx' added nearly 1 million VR ...
The 10 Coolest Action VR Games on Steam - IGN
The 10 Best Action VR Games on Steam
Also working on VR handphysiscs this is already released in game for Under a Desert Sun VR on steam. Hands collide with walls and fingers react to collisions.
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#gamedeal Super Hot VR Birthday Sale $11.24 and $1.12 to Charity for $13.08 total
Death of the NCAA Football Video Game | CryMor
O'Bannon Vs. NCAA and the Death of the NCAA Football Video Game
The Best VR Headsets in 2020
Are you looking for the best VR headet? We compared VR headsets including all advantages and disadvantages! Find out more now! #vr #oculus #samung #google #cardboard #rift #beatsaber #steam #stadia #epicgames #activision #blizzard #halflife #alyx #zeiss #quest #rifts #oculusrift #headset #gaming #games
How To Play Steam VR Games On Your Oculus Quest
How To Play Steam VR Games On Your Oculus Quest - YouTube
Pixel Ripped 1995: The Virtual Reality Love Letter to Classic Gaming is out on Oculus and Steam VR
STEM Challenge for Kids: Design a Paper Plate Marble Maze - Buggy and Buddy
Sinister Halloween VR and PC spooky Halloween game [Steam VR]
Sinister Halloween VR and PC spooky Halloween game [Steam VR]
O'Bannon Vs. NCAA and the Death of the NCAA Football Video Game
O'Bannon Vs. NCAA and the Death of the NCAA Football Video Game
The Machine's VR World
The VR is a virtual replication of the real world, created and populated by the Machines. Very few humans were ever allowed to enter, and only under strict conditions. Just like the real world, even the VR is not 100% controlled by the Core, the decision making entity of the Machines. The VR world has it's own rules, it's own logic. #game #layersofthemachine #cyberpunk #fps #games #dystopia #scifi #ue4 #screenshotsaturday #steam #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #sfx
Steam has 107 VR games on sale — and here are the 6 best
Steam has 107 VR games on sale — and here are the 6 best
Experience A New Futuristic Puzzle As Slinger VR Has Made Its Way Onto Steam #Empyrean, #PCMAC, #SlingerVR, #STEAM, #ValveIndexVr, #VR happygamer.com #GAMES #happygamer #gamesnews #gaming #games
TOP 10 NEW VR Games on Steam 2018 | HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
TOP 10 NEW Upcoming VR Games on Steam 2018 | HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Virtual Reality Gameplay solo and co-op with other VR YouTubers
#itark #it #interesting #software #game #Steam #HumbleStore Большая летняя распродажа в Steam должна начаться, по слухам, 21 июня, а пока Valve предложила другую распродажу на своей цифровой платформе. В рамках акции "Выходные издателя Devolver Digital" можно приобрести много игр по сниженным ценам. Порой скидки достигают 80%. К примеру, "Serious Sam Complete Pack" можно купить за 334,40 рублей, а VR-версию "Serious Sam 3" за 181 рубль. Также предлагаются "The Talos Principle" за 119 рублей и "Shadow Warrior 2" за 441 рубль. "Hotline Miami" (версии 1 и 2 в комплекте) можно купить за 104 рубля, "The Red Strings Club" - за 241 рубль, а "Minit" - за 224 рубля. Humble Store тоже предлагает игры со скидками. Здесь в рамках весенней распродажи можно сэкономить до 90%. Помимо всего прочего, можно приобрести "DiRt Rally" за 8,99 евро, "Dark Souls 3" за 13,49 евро, "Total War: Attila" за 8,99 евро, "The Alien Isolation Collection" за 10,34 евро, "Sniper Elite 4" (Digital Deluxe Edition) за 27,53 евро, "No Man’s Sky" за 21,59 евро и "Everspace" за 10,07 евро. Кроме того, цены снижены на игры "Company of Heroes", "Project Cars 2", "Torchlight", "Tekken" и "Warhammer". Участникам акции предлагается возможность получить и другие скидки - это может быть даже "Destiny 2". Весенняя распродажа в Humble Store продлится до 24 мая.. В ближайшие восемь дней можно также приобрести сборник Humble War Gamez Bundle, цену и количество игр в котором определяют покупатели. За символический доллар вы получите "Panzer Corps", "Panzer Corps: Allied Corps DLC", "Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition" и "Insurgency". За порядка 4,31 доллара в сборник добавятся "Day of Infamy Deluxe Edition" и "Gloria Victis", а также "8-Bit Armies". Наконец, за 10 долларов и выше в сборник войдёт игра "Rising Storm 2: Vietnam" в издании Digital Deluxe. Источник: hardwareluxx

howtogeek May 23 shared via Twitter
Do you have an Oculus Quest VR headset? You don't have to plug it into your PC to play Steam VR games. Here's how to do it wirelessly. by

fasttravelgames May 22 shared via Twitter
THE WONDER GIVEAWAY: DAY 2 The Wonder of VR collection is available on Steam at 30% off! Today we let a new winner claim game codes for ALL 4 titles included! Simply FOLLOW & RT this post for a chance to be the Day 2 winner. Ends May 23 1pm CET.

aztop009 May 22 shared via Twitter

ShawnHades May 17 shared via Twitter
A Space Sex VR game, in fact they're a lot of VR Sex games on Steam.

ArataLatam May 23 shared via Twitter

fortunabiysk 4 hours ago
Hey! Check out '🔑🌐Zombie World Coronavirus Apocalypse VR [steam key]' on Gameflip.

heclak 2 hours ago
Don’t you just hate it when people without a VR system take part in giveaways just to sell the games away at full price? It could have gone to someone else who would have enjoyed it and helped them out instead.

PixelRacers May 23
Hey ! We've just released a game featuring some of your SFXs! Awesome job guys, thank you! 😁👍

TheGamingGround 19 hours ago

psychicparrot May 21
LOVELY VR GAMES! :D Good luck, everyone!

Kiteless May 17
No not from VR Chat. This is it's own game. :D

Buck3131 May 21
Right then, I'm going to use for a new idea STEAM CLEAN! Time to go though my library and try out all the games that aren't VR that I've never touched!!! Join me on this journey into gaming heaven or more likely hell!!

KiminoHaruna May 19
This game looks really interesting

TilPlays May 17
Free to own games (part 12): The VR version of Four Kings One War is also free.

Any plans on making this game VR as well?

PQubeGames May 22
There is no VR for Gal*Gun Double Peace. The only VR game or DLC are on Steam.

TheLastTaxi May 20
We’re building a branching, narrative driven sci-if VR game that explores issues from migration, automation and economic stratification to climate change all through the eyes of passengers from all walks of life and perspectives .

Hinan 13 hours ago
The VR multiplayer game play of War Dust is most impressive, squad up!

VRnerds May 21
We are proud to announce that Tower Tag, our global VR arcade hit is coming home! The game will release on Steam and Viveport on May 28th - check out our Announcement Trailer and let us know what you think!

PowerPCME May 21

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