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Valve Hosting Half-Life: Alyx AMA, New Concept Art Released
Skyrim VR makes the 6-year-old game feel fresh again
Best Camera Strap in 2020 - 19 Camera Straps Reviewed and Compared
BEST CAMERA STRAP IN 2020 – 19 STRAPS REVIEWED AND COMPARED Posted by Dan Carr | Jan 14, 2019 | Gear Guide 2KSHARES Share Tweet Pin Reddit Whenever I get a new camera, the strap that comes with it always stays in the little plastic bag in the box and I kit it out with something much more discreet, comfortable and practical. Buying a new camera strap doesn’t have to be expensive! There are options in this guide for as little as $12, and those ones are still a better option than the one that co
Sega Is Opening A VR Floor In Its Massive Tokyo Arcade
I originally called this The Rainbow PC but now I call it Unicorn Poop/Rainbow Puke it actually looks nice one one color tho
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BREAKING: Sony finally confirms its next-gen console is coming, it's backwards compatible, and more
BREAKING: Sony finally confirms the PS5 is coming, it's backwards compatible, and more | GamesRadar+
Endless Space 2 - Penumbra Prologue (EN)
monster-balls:I love this too much.
Hud projects
Helmet UI / Augmented Reality Interface
Aesthetic shit.
This is an interesting character. Gollum is a villain, but Smegal is a victim. The two are a metaphor for addiction. Smegal was a normal guy, but he succumbed to his addiction which created Gollum. Sometimes there are shadows of Smegal, but Gollum is in control. Just like how addiction can overtake your entire life and turn you into what you would have previously abhorred.
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Use QR codes to keep my hyperlinks in your printed learner resource
Use QR codes to keep my hyperlinks in your printed learner resource

ARMRXR 27 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
I just posted "MWC Barcelona 2019: Low Latency 5G Networks Could Be a Game-Changer for AR and VR (But Not Until 2020)" on Reddit

GameOnNewscom May 5 shared via Twitter
GameOnNews - May 5, 2020 3:20 PM EST According to several Reddit users, Tetris Effect may be "coming soon" to an Oculus Quest near you. Tetris Effect remains one of the best VR experiences out there. The game garnered heaps of praise when it launched on ...

RoamySpec 12 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Still can't play on my 5700xt its rending stuff from the right eye into the left. Are you guys aware of this? seen a few posts on Reddit as well. It happened after the 2020 new driver but I can't revert. Other VR games are fine. 🙏

ARMRXR 27 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
I just posted "MWC Barcelona 2019: Low Latency 5G Networks Could Be a Game-Changer for AR and VR (But Not Until 2020)" on Reddit

TheGameVeda 5 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
Wait that's not how u do Rise Of The Tomb Raider , this is, travel back a year in time to 2016 ( when was still ⚔ over third person games being unsuited to ) check it out in played using Zeiss tracking & Rift

TimSweeneyEpic 2 Feb 2019
When there are lots of stores and games support lots of platforms, wouldn’t general public forums like Reddit be better?

Asymmetricwarfa 8 Mar 2018

SanbornVR 28 Jan 2019
I'm actually kind of bothered there are so many split VR subreddits. It doesn't really make sense at a point in time where there are so many different VR products or types of HMDs. Oculus/Vive/WMR/Standalone should be under one roof supporting VR as a whole. Cross-plat games!

SkarredGhost 16 Nov 2018
: Viveport Subscripers - 5 Epic Games $1 Each - Arizona Sunshine, Superhot, Sairento, Accounting+, The Wizards di

daytraderdalton 4 Nov 2018
Join the Aircoins Subreddit! Download Aircoins and start hunting crypto in augmented reality right to your wallet!

dsmart 3 Feb 2019
Gamers aren't going to abandon their fav watering holes. It's why, for example, in the era of Discord, Reddit & 4Chan are still a thing. N stores + N forums isn't the problem. Moderation is. As I stated in my pinned thread, removing the ability to review games is not a solution

PhilcamNoah 29 Oct 2017

nschaetti 12 Feb 2018

AmbassadorZero 8 Oct 2018
That I can not answer fully. I know there are VR games but you need certain set ups. Reddit is your best bet dude.

yonidayan_ 1 Feb 2018
First [leaked] picture of packaging. Seems legit. "1000+ , and " available at launch. Reminds me of the 8 & 16 bits consoles packaging featuring blockbuster titles. Via

mathieson_scott 13 Aug 2018
Wow VR for the pacific league and we can’t even get our games in HD here in he central league.

RealityCheckVR 17 Dec 2018
Ever since I saw the first videos on Reddit months ago I've wanted to try out this game! time for Blades and Sorcery Action!!!' Tonight is the first time that I've had the chance to play, join in and let's have some fun! Live streaming VR games here! I …

TheGameVeda 12 Dec 2018
Now if only you'd have played the or version*......... (* fyi / 's septic : Here sarcasm is used to highlight the futility of ultimately doomed promting cliques & walled gardens that attempt to pwn exclusive entry into )

SkarredGhost 31 Oct 2018

Fr0z3nR 30 Jun 2018
There's a list of games on reddit countering the "VR is cool and all but there are no good full games for it other than cockpit simulators, just tech demos" - claim that people apparently make? Of the 17, only 5 are non FPS. I'm sure there's a bunch of non FPS's you could add.

AntonHand 21 Feb 2018
Update on the nut on reddit from earlier: From what I can piece together, he's angry at 'ignorant fucks' like me, because by building H3 around a touchpad, and not a joystick, I'm part of what's 'slowing down' vr adoption.. cause joysticks are better for games?

LucidVirtuality 24 Dec 2017
Reddit thread: "For a moment there, Fallout made me feel like a bit of a psychopath..." Fascinating to see people express discomfort at committing violent acts in VR games that didn't bother them in flatscreen/"pancake mode" gaming

IainND 20 Feb 2019
A big time Reddit libertarian capital-A Atheist Tech Saviour guy got real mad at me once because he thought he invented the idea of VR movies where you choose a character and see the movie from their POV and you even control what they do and I told him we already have video games

GAMERTAGVR 26 Jan 2019
I hear you on that. They call it self promotion on reddit. VR games do need the promotion and It’s so frustrating to put in work to help advertise a game and support something you love only to be made to feel like your scamming or stealing some imaginary stage light.

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