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SKYrestoration 5 Dec 2013 shared via Twitter
Hub Inspection Ready – Coming in 2014 According to NYC DOB, this new system will offer more precise inspection...

BuildingPointNE 7 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
professionals - are you ready for the inspection teams? View the guidelines: . Avoid hassles & potential fines with .

MetropolisGrpNY 5 Feb 2016 shared via Twitter
"Inspection Ready: Pre-2014 EA or EBN Applications" Read more here -->

MetropolisGrpNY 21 Jun 2016 shared via Twitter
Inspection Ready: Owner PW1 Email Updates. Find out all you need to know here >>>>

SuntectArch 9 Nov 2015 shared via Twitter
Today moves into digital scheduling of inspections + email results. Excited for 'Inspection Ready'. Fewer DOB visits = win

SKYrestoration 5 Dec 2013
Hub Inspection Ready – Coming in 2014 According to NYC DOB, this new system will offer more precise inspection...

GaelGreene 10 Aug 2010
Spoke to NYC restaurant owner who sez he has hired guy to do nothing but keep place ready for inspection. Clean is good,new grading misleads

MsDee_NYC 7 Dec 2010
Nurses were cleaning up the unit getting ready for an inspection and my coffee was a casualty!!

DNAinfoNY 18 Nov 2012
NYC is ready to bulldoze dangerous homes, even if they can't reach the owners, the DOB commissioner said

1HazelAlexandra 30 Jun 2010
In Progress: Oil Change, Car Inspection, tire rotation.. Gettin ready 4 my NYC trip ;) Ow

Maestrojeffx 6 Sep 2010
NYC. Get ready carimi is ahead. Nap pase inspection

B_Grass 9 Jul 2010
Are u ready for inspection? What? Inspection w Cape Coral Fire. What? I'm in NYC. So u want to cancel? Uhm. I have no idea what's going on

lovefreddiegirl 13 Oct 2008
is getting her room ready for inspection.... yippie....just got done watching sex and the city... great movie....n i am missing NYC

TPAAAca 11 Oct 2010
TPAAA is getting ready for 2017 World Police&Fire Games venue inspection this week. Huge event for Toronto to win '11 in NYC,'13 in Belfast.

turaielullaby 29 Jul 2009
Getting ready for inspection starting next Friday. We win we get to go to NYC

SybilConwell13 6 Jul 2009

WhiskingWords 7 Jan 2010
All ready for a relaxing staycation in NYC, and then my new studio failed inspection #1 this morning :( Now to deal with the architect. Ugh

Letter_Grade 14 Feb 2013
Do you have your V-Day reservations set? Is the restaurant inspection ready?

Letter_Grade 13 Feb 2013
The inspectors are out there. The diners are out there. Are you inspection ready?

JeepGal06 17 Jul 2009 my oil changed in my inspection sticker....I'm ready for a road trip...NYC!!!!!! Gotta see

Moe_NYC 21 Jul 2012
NY State inspection, radiator flush and rotate tires. Getting ready for my long drive to the ATL

bklynpuggal 23 Mar 2013
house ready to collapse 476 Washington Ave,bklyn Clinton Hill derelict owner HELP!!

4QConsultingLLC 25 Sep 2012
Are you ready for your next NYC Health Inspection? Forget Letter Grades: Here Come Health Report QR Codes |...

doboff 13 Sep 2011

NYC_Queens 3 Mar 2013
Ready for inspection tomorrow.

Vanvan604 28 Oct 2012
To all evacuees, u can find refuge at Donald 's house,but have ur college & passport records ready for inspection at the door.

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