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NYC_Buildings Apr 3 shared via Twitter
“An unprecedented crisis requires an unprecedented response” – DOB Commissionor La Rocca An interactive map by the DOB will now identify construction sites that are doing emergency/essential work during COVID-19. Data will be updated. View the Map:

nyc311 May 12 shared via Twitter
Hi, all non-essential construction in NYC has been halted. DOB created a Real-Time Essential Construction Map, which shows the location of allowed essential construction sites in NYC. If a worksite isn't on the map, DM us to file a report.

AlesandroOrtizR May 21 shared via Twitter
I was surprised to see some non-emergency construction work going on today at the building across the street, when only essential construction is allowed. Turns out NYC DOB is approving essential work on nearly every other block of NYC, based on this map:

NYC_Buildings Apr 3 shared via Twitter
Read to learn how New Yorkers can see in real time which construction sites are essential during COVID-19. The DOB map will be updated daily. 📖

SOS12017 Mar 22 shared via Twitter

dca10992 Mar 25
Then why are construction workers still working? Building a new park on Pier 55 is ESSENTIAL?????? Help!!

kornatica Mar 23
Too bad it IS still "business as usual" for construction workers doing jobs on NON ESSENTIAL sites. Talk to our mayor/governor about that.


badnewsjew Mar 23
Why are non essential construction sites still open!?!?!

InGavWeTrust Mar 27
Tell that to the construction going on across the road from my apartment. Digging out foundations for an apartment block doesn’t sound essential to me

That’s essential construction, and I agree that needs to continue. Non-essential construction needs to stop and their PPE diverted to hospitals.

jverra_ Mar 22
literally 85% of construction going on right now is non essential you’re putting construction workers AND their families at risk EVERY DAY these sites stay open.

ProfPMcMahon Mar 19
My degrees aren’t in construction management or public health or medicine or political science but this seems pretty clear to me. It’s. Common. Sense. what are your thoughts? Experts should weigh in before more lives are lost.

kellytini13 Mar 26
THANK YOU for hearing us about non essential construction. We are worried for our family members health who continue to work in crowded work sites. Please help us

kellytini13 Mar 25
Why are non essential construction sites still going? Are luxury condos and office buildings more important than workers lives?

zitoNYRfan Mar 23
I would really like an answer about how NYC Construction workers are essential personnel. You keep talking about . but we are still going to work in crowded work areas. Totally unfair.

LirRtraveller Mar 27
The help you needed was somebody to tell you to reduce train ridership and to stop non essential construction in the early stages. The help you needed was focus and more IQ.

how is this not getting any coverage, Cuomo is refusing to acknowledge that thousands of non essential construction workers are still commuting to job sites everyday

megan_tru13 Mar 23
53% of cases are age 18-49, mostly men. Basically, the NY construction industry demographic. Yet all construction is considered essential? Maintenance contracts are one thing. Please shut down construction in NYC!

redz23 Mar 25
why dont you and shut down non essential construction?

KLynPat Mar 23
STOP THE NON ESSENTIAL CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Why are these jobs still open??!!!!! They aren't safe. Go see for yourself! You are putting my family at risk!

jazone82 Mar 26
What about non essential construction!!! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET ANSWERS!!! Building condos and townhomes are definitely not essential right now!

KDRQuigs Mar 24
Them and the construction company admin/support staff still having to go into the office everyday to support the business. My mom is 63 and is taking the bus to midtown everyday because the painting company she works for is still deemed “essential” under state rules

Agreed!! Shut down ny construction before it’s too late !!!

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