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MIZAIAHNYC 4 hours ago shared via Twitter
Regents week was the original demon time in NYC

Arjun_sidHeart 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
*Good Morning* Guys ! Have a Nyc day 💖

Pale_0ntologist 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
TFW you print the Yiddish backwards and your "NYC Strong" masks say "NYC Crotch"

ThatEricAlper 18 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Leonard Cohen, NYC c.1974

KayMahlatsi 9 minutes ago shared via Twitter
This one dude shared with me his Netflix login details, been using it since the lockdown resumed. Twitter is full of nice people man 🥺🤞🏽

LeekDuck 5 hours ago
If you reply to this Tweet, I'll give you 10,000 PokéCoins.

borntoshinee_ 3 hours ago
shinee day giveaway! 💎 3 winners, 1 bubble ticket each, open worldwide! mechanics: • rt this tweet • reply with the 12th anniversary hashtags • ot5 shawol • ok with giving me their lysn login details so i can buy u the ticket! ends: 05/28 11:59pm kst

loverabby13 6 hours ago
Hey everyone! So even though I’ve been one of Taylor’s fans for forever, my fan account is fairly new SO I wanted to post a giveaway! Scott (Taylor’s dad) gave me these Lover guitar picks in NYC, so I want to give one away! Just follow me & RT and I’ll select randomly 💗💖🦋🌸🌟

Bruddajack 18 minutes ago

thecharlieNYC 1 hour ago
Here's your dream match 😂😂

Cernovich 6 hours ago
Tax bases of California and New York are being decimated. San Francisco for example has heroine needles and human feces throughout. With work from home being normalized, why live there again? The same is true of NYC, a petri dish.

infoteam127 29 minutes ago
🔊 New link! #117 ‼PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND LOGIN BEFORE YOU STREAM. PLAY 1x/HOUR/ID‼ 🎧 NCT 127 PUNCH Genie Free coupon link 100 지니 음원나누기

i7wiki 4 hours ago
【Game Information】 The Coolness of Distant Flowers Reflected in Your Image - Login Bonus (Translation Thread)

twst_eng 10 minutes ago
'Diasomnia Appearance Campaign Vol. 2' is being held! If you collect 'Spools' with login bonuses and missions, they can be exchanged for SR Lilia [Ceremonial Outfit] and SR Silver [Ceremonial Outfit]. Period: May 25th, 16:00 JST - June 1st, 14:59 JST

rickgladstone 6 hours ago
Some NYC rat colonies have depended on restaurants’ nightly trash for hundreds of generations, emerging from sewers & alleys to ravage the bags left on the streets.With the shutdown, all of that went away, leaving rats hungry & desperate.

isardasorensen 6 hours ago
Fiery sunset skies of pink, red & gold above a shimmering tonight.

theblaze 7 hours ago
NYC shutters field hospital that never saw single patient — and officials want taxpayers to pick up the tab

wrathofgnon 22 minutes ago
"Without cars inside cities our GDP will tank!" I often hear this nonsense. Tokyo has the highest GPD per capita in Japan and the lowest number of cars per capita in Japan: 28.57/100, and falling rapidly. Similar to the US, where NYC has the highest GDP and lowest number of cars.

CyrusMMcQueen 6 hours ago
Dude now the CDC is warning about ‘aggressive’ rats because their food source has been eliminated with all the restaurant closings... Maaaan... the ones in NYC already got zero fucks to give... can ya imagine them big ass ones in Fenway in Boston? And in DC? And Baltimore? 😱😱😱

dob3171 18 minutes ago
A 38-year-old billionaire who recently bought a $32 million ranch received funding for his truck company under the government's Paycheck Protection Program, according to filings. SEC filings show that Nikola Motor Company,...

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