nyc dob efiling hub - Americasbasics

NYC_Buildings 31 Jan 2012 shared via Twitter
DOB Goes Digital: Here's 's new video on the Development Hub -- no paper required!

MetropolisGrpNY 28 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter
The DOB is offering LAA Renewals through the Hub...Find out more --->

REBNY 8 Jan 2013 shared via Twitter
Seminar: 13.01.23 11:00 Seminar on DOB NYC Development Hub - Wednesday January 23, 2013 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm @ ...

LuxCondoNYC 8 Oct 2012 shared via Twitter
NYC DOB | NYC Development Hub | Hub Self Service

robertlimandri 13 Mar 2012 shared via Twitter
Check out video Building Development HUB making one of the only virtual collaborative municipalities

BBDevelop7 14 Dec 2016
DOB HUB inefficiency stunts Ec Development in NYC. They don't even know their own zoning code. Pathetic! Pls help!

SKYrestoration 5 Dec 2013
Hub Inspection Ready – Coming in 2014 According to NYC DOB, this new system will offer more precise inspection...

JoseAquinoEsq 31 Oct 2013

fgranik 28 Oct 2013
DOB expands Hub to home renos, scaffolding: The Department of Buildings is expanding its online NYC Developmen...

laogvl 8 Oct 2012
A year on, DOB’s development hub is speeding up construction projects: Since the NYC Development ...

DattnerArch 10 Jan 2012
Web-ex this morning for our office with the DOB on their new Development Hub. Progress is being made is review & approvals in NYC

newyorknewstwit 21 Jul 2011
NYC Dept. of Buildings - The Intel Hub: The New York City Department of Buildings (DoB) has reported within a Ju...

pejvahdat 20 Jul 2011
": excited for my man to join us in NYC soon. we're ready for ya brother."--I can't wait!!! I'm so ready for NYC

reedalexander 20 Jul 2011
@YejianCosgrove Right now I'm in NYC! How are you?

Skibeatz 20 Jul 2011
you got 2 hrs to get here NYC or we starting without u lol

alexandramusic 20 Jul 2011
Wow Traffic in NYC is mad right now ! We trying to get to the studio! Walking !!

missnatalienunn 20 Jul 2011
"@_mykisskillsz_: hmm. wondering when qonna be in NYC again so we can hang out . I love her" -- friday

vagabondish 20 Jul 2011
Trying to hail a cab ... and I inadvertently flagged down a 10-passenger limo. Only in

Wells_P 20 Jul 2011
I need a vacation... Portland, Vegas, NYC next month. Hawaii right after.

oliverpeoples 20 Jul 2011
TOMORROW!! Summer Sessions Soho II!

garylfrancione 20 Jul 2011
kill list for for Thurs. 7/21: Pls RT & adopt/foster if able. 13 on list to be killed by .

janelasky 20 Jul 2011
Alexander McQueen Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibit Conquers NYC

PaulRieckhoff 20 Jul 2011
Leaving the Mayors Office of Vets Affairs, after a meeting of the Mayors Advisory Board. We must make a better city for vets.

Juned 20 Jul 2011
Google launches malware detection | FT Tech Hub

gregory 20 Jul 2011
It pays to stay in NYC during the summer. (@ Barbarian Group - NYC w/ ) [pic]:

dominique_dpc 20 Jul 2011
Fun night with the best roomies ever! I wish I did London first before NYC!!! . Goodnight world.

MikeMartignago 20 Jul 2011
host on July 30. All-Star game on July 27 in NYC, Caps currently last... does play in Vancouver?

dalocksmith 20 Jul 2011
RT : RT : Come check me and tonight NYC

kirstiealley 20 Jul 2011
NYC beckons me...I'll be on Letterman next week!!...the Universe has cracked open for me today...confronting my demons works.Truth is power

I'll be headlining at the Vuvuzela Festival this Sat. in NYC - . Full Band!

EncounterUrban 20 Jul 2011
NYC City Planning on zoning: If the city had been built out at the density envisioned in 1916, it could have contained over 55 mil people.

jimshi809 20 Jul 2011
sunset as seen from the top of the .

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