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CEO Toma Clark Haines of `The Antiques Diva & Co launches #NoPassportRequired Antiques Diva Tours in the USA. Special Lifestyle Hamptons Antiques & Design Tour visit the opening night gala at the East Hamptons Antiques Show put on by the East Hamptons Historical Society
You don't want this to happen to your roof. These La Escandella tiles were installed in New York with bad results.►
color corrugated roof sheets
Mini in Manhattan
Mini in Manhattan - Home Tour - tufted wallpaper
Frost action map as published in the the NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual
The Charming Brooklyn Studio of Antoni from “Queer Eye”
Joey and Antoni's Brooklyn Charmer - studio with fig and banana trees, pipe and wood shelving as room divider and dark grey wall
17 Impossibly Easy Kitchen DIYs That Only Look Expensive
17 Impossibly Easy Kitchen DIYs That Only Look Expensive
Take a left at Drool Avenue: alternative NYC maps – in pictures
Take a left at Drool Avenue: alternative NYC maps – in pictures
New York City Nights
Henry Blueskin is a fully-adhered membrane that functions not only as a water resistant barrier and rain barrier, but stops uncontrolled air leakage to improve building comfort, safety and energy efficiency... this is a MUST used material! Many roofers cut corners using cheaper materials. Ask to ensure your "covered"
8 Tips To Entertaining Over A Whole Weekend
8 tips to entertaining (photos by Alice Gao)
Midtown Manhattan
Find - any info on NYS registered Business
Phoenix Wright boy band
Stan & Dries.
plant love, table, vase...
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How To Mix Decor Styles Like a Pro
How To Mix Decor Styles Like a Pro - Pro Tips On Mixing Design Styles - Photos
Your Options When An Appliance Breaks
Get the current fair market value of your apartment and the rental payment history of your current address!! Call 718-722-6400 x 1 x 7
New York Obsession
New York Obsession - madison square park. flatiron district.
Avoid the hassle of finding, assembling, and ridding yourself of moving boxes.

NYC_Buildings Apr 22 shared via Twitter
Buildings can help fight climate change! We've implemented measures including mandatory solar panels, building retrofits, the 2020 Energy Code & more to help NYC help our planet. Learn about DOB Sustainability:

NYC_Buildings 18 Aug 2015 shared via Twitter

NYC_Buildings 4 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
DOB is hiring! We're currently seeking candidates to fill a variety of positions, including and . Visit our website to view open positions and learn more about how you can help make New York a better place to building, work, and live.

NYC_Buildings 27 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
DOB is currently looking for industry professionals to join our team as members of our Construction, Investigative, Plumbing, and Elevator Units. Visit our website to view open career opportunities and learn how you can help NYC .

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NYC_Buildings 1 Jun 2017
Planning a construction project? Code Notes, DOB’s reference tools, are here to help.

NYC_Buildings 9 May 2019
Thanks to the students of for their participation in this year's Jr. and program. The students got to hear from DOB Brooklyn Deputy Borough Commissioner Reda Shehata about how math and science is used by design professionals to help build our city.

NYC_Buildings 14 Jul 2017
DOB is adding new job types for our Project Guidelines, which will help you navigate each step of your next project.

NYC_Buildings 6 Sep 2019
Today, DOB announced the release of project guidelines to help loft residents and owners navigate the process of converting their buildings to residential dwellings under the New York State Loft Law. Read more in our press release:

NYC_Buildings Mar 31
📢 REMINDER: To help curtail the spread of COVID-19, only essential construction is permitted in NYC. Learn More about DOB Guidance on essential vs nonessential work:

To help building owners comply w/ LL97, DOB will convene 8 Climate Working Groups to develop best practices to cut NYC Greenhouse Gas Emissions The groups will review: 💻Tech (Private & Commercial) 💲Accounting 💡Energy 💲Economics 🏥Hospitals 🗣️Comms

NYC_Buildings 18 Aug 2017
Inspectors from DOB’s Buildings Enforcement Safety Team (BEST) help protect the public by inspecting large new building projects around NYC.

nyc311 26 Feb 2019
Hello, thank you for reaching out. I understand your frustrations. You can report no heat online here: or you can DM me for help filing.

A third team of 10 inspectors and engineers are going to Puerto Rico to help our fellows Americans with their earthquake response. They’re following up on the work of 32 DOB employees who were deployed already.

nyc311 12 Nov 2019
Thanks for looping us in. Hi, please use the link provided by the Department of Transportation to place a complaint about this blocked street or DM me for help filing.

NYC_Buildings 3 Oct 2018
“As DOB continues to modernize our operations and implement more self-service and online transactions, this new space will help us improve the customer experience and adapt to the new ways in which we will be interacting with our customers.” – DOB Commissioner Chandler

NYPLHistory 20 Mar 2018
Who Lived in a House Like This? From DORIS to DOB, we'll help you crack the acronyms and find out more about your building's past! Join us for our free course on researching buildings in NYC, Weds at 2 PM!

NYC_Buildings 16 Jul 2018
The work of our Data Analytics Unit is vital to realizing DOB's strategic goals. Team members analyze digital data generated by the Department’s everyday activities to improve operations, and create interactive tools that help the public understand the city’s built environment.

BethPapaleo 7 May 2019
. you have my support as an old school New Yorker to help with We are drowning. The rich killed NYC because of corruption at the core for far too long. is near the root of it all. Accountability now! 💥

Ethicsaintprett 22 Dec 2015
Aside from their own stupidity, only in NYC where dvlprs do as they please w/help from DOB

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