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nyc311 10 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
Public plazas may contain open air cafes/kiosks that serve food. Submit your concern to DOB using online form:

NYC_Buildings 23 May 2018 shared via Twitter
DOB's new online crane notification web form is now active. Notification via the web form will be required for covered crane or derrick activities as of June 1st. See our corresponding service notice for more information:

safety_dynamics 6 Sep 2017 shared via Twitter

manhattan_nyc 29 Apr 2010 shared via Twitter
DOB Receives Sincerest Form of Flattery: And here we thought the great of era of mi...

OCG1438 May 21 shared via Twitter
DOB Form Update! The Tenant Protection Plan has been revised! For more information, see the notice from the below:

A4Ny14 Apr 21
Not entirely unheard of in NYC, though we're not exactly Tornado Alley or Dixie Alley... but we do get a couple of tornadoes in the NYC area every year. Mostly, they're EF0 or EF1, so it doesn't make national news. NYC can have every form of weather you can imagine! And we have.

TenantNet 20 Mar 2018
Was it under 's Chairmanship of the NYC Building's Committee that Kushner falsified the DOB form PW1? DOB has never taken this seriously despite the 12 fake DOB bills.

safety_dynamics 28 Jul 2017
REMINDER: Effective June 5, 2017, requires all registrants and license holders to submit the Physical Examination Form (LIC62).

nyc311 10 Sep 2015
Public plazas may contain open air cafes/kiosks that serve food. Submit your concern to DOB using online form:

manhattan_nyc 29 Apr 2010
DOB Receives Sincerest Form of Flattery: And here we thought the great of era of mi...

stillgoing 28 Apr 2010
Back in NYC fire up the rig!

dc_mma 28 Apr 2010
I may be kamala but I would never resort to male prostitution lol. I pumped mo out in NYC

Telstra 28 Apr 2010
Hi Justin. Could you please DM your name and dob, and I'll see what is going on. with your phone. - Scott

TheGodLight 28 Apr 2010
Follow the beliefs of another & you will never question your own! Form your own beliefs from experience.

pvponline 28 Apr 2010
"it's like a bolt of lightning just struck the tip of my penis. We're brothers. We were meant to form this alliance."

xo_JSMN 28 Apr 2010
NYC takeover. RT : i will be at lil banger fridays downtown NYC! got a show monday also w roxy cottontail! holla at your boy!

BDisgusting 28 Apr 2010
BD Music: Norma Jeans Unveils 'Meridional' Artwork In Video Form

PhilipBloom 28 Apr 2010 - Timelapse set up of tonight's BIG NYC HD DSLR Tweet up in Times Square!

natashamitchell 28 Apr 2010
Ah, we know these people.In 140 chars, has meaning trumped form? RT RT Twitter's grammar nazis

channingtatum 28 Apr 2010
RT @FadedYouthBlog: and enjoy a shopping spree in NYC today:

aussieBum 28 Apr 2010
any people from New York interested in being involved with us on the 16th of May of the NYC AIDs walk? aB

jpcaponigro 28 Apr 2010
This Cartier-Bresson online exhibit at MOMA (NYC) supplements the physical exhibit.

GoalNews 28 Apr 2010
Chelsea defender John Terry: I'm fine with my form this season: Englishman's play has come under...

kbradnam 28 Apr 2010
Goodbye form DS-156 and say hello to form DS-160. New for 2010 it seems. The Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application process is fun!

RobertVerdi 28 Apr 2010
Beautiful Handtowels form Kim Seybert will freshen up any room!

candicewalsh 28 Apr 2010
Happiness in the Form of Pamperage via on That's Tangly

sharonwaxman 28 Apr 2010 nyc with no phone no contax no email. on the run. no tweeting. the news: phone has arrived. i'm back to tweeting. so, feel free folo

sharonwaxman 28 Apr 2010
...include the rice cure. the blowdryer cure. the plead-on-knees to phone god cure. no go. verizon doesn't have replacement. 2 days in nyc..

BlackDivaLine 28 Apr 2010
RT @MYAME_NYC: RT : 2moro nt, 1place 2b and dat's at @myame_nyc bday party at club taj hosted by the (cont)

MargaretClowe 28 Apr 2010
A Traditional Life Lived: Riot Police called on Tea Party protesters, Quincy, IL#comment-form#comment-form#comment-form

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