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Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally as Ron and Tammy Swanson on Parks and Recreation. I love them!
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Ron is the reason I love this show
Ron is the reason I love this show
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Parks and Recreation
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Ron Swanson - I know more than you... Totally how my husband is when he goes in these places!!
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Parks and Recreation: Ben and Orin
I feel this deeply
Ron Swanson At The Health Food Store
Ron Swanson At The Health Food Store---I don't even watch this show but this is hilarious
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that explains it
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26 Ron Swanson Quotes That Are Never Not Funny
26 Ron Swanson Quotes That Are Never Not Funny
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Ron Swanson
So yesterday I was really bored and I watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardasihans which I never watch and somehow I accidentally pressed some print button on my laptop and like fifty random screenshots from the episode printed and I have no idea why or how and now i have a ton of printed out pictures of the kardashians and umm yeah : : I'm pretty sure I broke my toe, yay! *note sarcasm*

paleycenter 21 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Adam Scott says he got very into after Ben did. Nick Offerman says he cleaned up his diet and “gave in to the power of Tammy 2” (Nick’s real life wife Megan Mullally!)

Motherofpugss 25 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Tammy, wife 2

hsaasm 1 Jan 2016 shared via Twitter
What??? Tammy 2 is your real wife???

guynormanbee 22 Sep 2011 shared via Twitter
ya know Tammy #2 is Nick Offerman's real life wife Megan Mulally!?!

LizTerribl Apr 18 shared via Twitter
Tammy 2 is played by Nick Offerman’s actual wife

Cougar_AT 4 May 2013
get this: tammy 2 is 's real wife. also, he's a woodworking genius.

mi_mug11 Apr 30
Tammy 2 making an appearance because she’s Nick Offerman’s real life wife is the full-circle closure that I needed.

lamelastname 28 Sep 2014
I just found out that 's wife is the actress who plays Tammy #2 in Parks and Rec. I can't handle this right now...

colormelauren 9 Oct 2012
Ron Swnason's crazy ex (& Nick Offerman's real wife), Tammy 2 (Megan Mullally) will be back, yay!

vixenlibrarian 26 Sep 2017
Won't lie. Karen is your lovely wife's best roll. Tammy 2 is a close second. 😊

SardonicBuffalo 23 Mar 2017
Life Goals: For my wife and I to stay as happy and crazy as and (and maybe a little Ron & Tammy 2)

chriscklin1 7 Aug 2013
Nick Offerman's wife plays Tammy 2 in

MarkHeardman 6 Jan 2015
I have just learned that your good lady wife (aka. Tammy 2) is in one of my all time favourite movies Risky Business. 😧Where?

realKevinOk 5 Jul 2015
. have your wife turn into a real life Tammy 2 or give up woodworking forever?

dfawks777 26 Jun 2017
Just realized that (Tammy 2) from is the actual wife in real life to (Ron Swanson)

S2-S8 "Ron and Tammy" continues Season 2's good use of guest stars with the first appearance of Megan Mullally (Nick Offerman's real-life wife) as Ron's ex-wife Tammy.

rachelfoureyes 11 Apr 2013
idk if your day got better but Nick Offerman and his wife (Tammy 2) will be at the Hampton Ballroom Casino on Sept 1

YoungAY_ 24 Oct 2013
Everyone watch tonight. Great show with megan mullally aka Ron Swanson's Tammy 2 and real wife of and

LMAO TAMMY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka Nick Offerman’s real wife lmao

bioponic Apr 30
I love that Nick Offerman can film a scene with Tammy 2 because she's actually his wife

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