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A trait shared by Veronica and Eleanor. Never test the wrath of the Alagors.
The Sarcastic Muse Writing Community
Seriously, this lady was trying to indirectly murder anyone naive enough to come visit her.
He offered me a gun, but I refused. After all, you don't need a weapon when you were born one - Blaise
The Art of Young Adult
When in doubt, draw Aelin Galathynius with a bad ass weapon looking fifty times cooler than you will ever be
Guy on the right could definitely wield Riesig
Wushu Monks Spade
Monks Spade...Gawd I love seeing this weapon in Kung Fu Flicks because then you know you are watching a true Chinese movie.....originally prefered by Monks as a "gentile weapon" because its an actual spade and not a wepon created for destruction of life. Fierce as hell though..I ain't snitchin':)
'Christian Sword of Spirit' Giclee Print - Jeff Haynie |
Giclee Print: Christian Sword of Spirit by Jeff Haynie : 24x18in
Karl Simon Gustafsson | Concept Art World
Karl Simon Gustafsson Concept Art
Frances Bean Cobain! She looks like both Courtney and Kurt :-)
[ANIM8] The Dark Knight ~ Batman
[ANIM8] Featuring the Lab's latest ANIM8 Series ~ The Dark Knight ~ Batman.
DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Weapons
Use this DIY to learn how to make Michelangelo's nunchucks from TMNT! If you're into all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles then you're going to love this simple craft!
Large Canvas with Dragon - Valour
Anne Stokes Canvas with Dragon - Valour |
Secret Kingdom
Perfect Silhouette for my costuming inspiration -- low profile rogue hood & face wrap. Smooth shoulder, only a slight drape to the sleeve above 2/3-full forearm bracer. Straight line of classic longbow with no finger notch, jewelry on the (left) bow hand and not the drawback.
Custom Fashion 37 by Karijn-s-Basement on DeviantArt
Custom Fashion 37 by on @DeviantArt
Nathaniel Wong on Instagram: “The craftiest lamias tend to have a horde of underlings, made up of charmed slaves or willing lesser creatures. These patriarchs regularly…”
Nathaniel Wong on Instagram: “The craftiest lamias tend to have a horde of underlings, made up of charmed slaves or willing lesser creatures. These patriarchs regularly…”
"Careful boys," said the woman in the green hood, "those swords are sharp. You could hurt yourselves."
Rapier | probably German | The Met
Rapier | blade, German, Munich; hilt, Northern Italian | The Met
Mythic Battles Pantheon: Cecrops and Campe, Guillem H. Pongiluppi
ArtStation - Mythic Battles Pantheon: Cecrops and Campe, Guillem H. Pongiluppi
Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.
MEDUSA In Greek mythology, Medusa was originally a ravishingly beautiful maiden, “the jealous aspiration of many suitors,” but because Poseidon had raped her in Athena’s temple, the enraged Athena transformed Medusa’s beautiful hair to serpents and made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone. Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena.
The craftiest lamias tend to have a horde of underlings, made up of charmed slaves or willing lesser creatures. These matriarchs regularly…
Game Development General
Belated birthday/anniversary gift to @partyprat

Morg_Lamia 25 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Another colour variant added to the collection 😁 This repaint was part of the Disney Store Mystic Force Mega Vehicle Set and came with a standard coloured “Blue-head” headpiece & weapon.

RobotLamia May 25 shared via Twitter
You are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon and vehicle? Retweet with the answer.

mipopriv 27 Jan 2017 shared via Twitter
Oh I saw it. Its so hard to steal the lamia weapon from the mountain golem for eiko or the sword from beatrix. Tried it so hard...

morvelaira 17 Dec 2015 shared via Twitter
[Lamia] Anima Weapon Morvy Voice Acting - Minecraft Afterwards

lamia_baeshen 6 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
You're right. Never was about democracy and freedom, "creative chaos" was meant to weaken, disintegrate, breakdown, depopulate, and create a prosperous weapon market. Gutter was and still is a stupid, moronic tool.

MAhmed5155 Mar 16
Biological weapon !then why china was the first country to get infected

morvelaira 16 Dec 2015
[Lamia] Anima Weapon Unlock, Scholasticate with Morvy Voice Acting (tm) .15

lamia_baeshen 1 Nov 2018
Saws, bullets, bombs... each his own weapon. Your country has wiped out nations, and you the guts to mention a bone saw!!! Ridiculous.

TemplePhoenix 27 Apr 2018
Daily Greek Mythology A-Z #6: Acheilus! The son of Zeus and Lamia, he was a handsome youth who, like an ABSOLUTE WEAPON, boasted that he was more beautiful than the goddess Aphrodite; she promptly transformed him into a shark-formed sea Daemon.

Duco_Lamia 12 Nov 2017
If it's cosmetics and misc., fine. I'd honestly prefer it if the cosmetics were in the game to unlock already but whatever. But ACTUAL gameplay changing shit? No. There's no reason to pay $50 for an ending or a needed weapon. It's bullshit.

casey_marie00 17 Feb 2013
haha yes girl!! Buffest weapon line!!!💪💪

SapphicMica May 1
dude the people at hero forge are gonna kill me when they look at their user request wishlist and see my 254127354 new entries i just have so many unique rwby characters with wild ass weapons and i wanna make them so bad most of CRML works except rohit's arms and lamia's weapon

Duco_Lamia 22 Feb 2017
When in doubt, always rely on an OP weapon! That's entertaining! Steamrolling through everything like a mad man-oh wait.

redjaded 22 Dec 2013
Magical Girl Lamia's hair color: green, outfit theme: stripper, weapon: bulldozer.

Morg_Lamia 14 May 2017
Now that would be an awesome weapon to recreate as a cosplay prop...

SarieAl 30 Mar 2019
Antisemitism is invented by the who are not descents of (Jacob) even though they became Jews they felt always as been second class Jews therefore they invented this law to combat anyone getting in their way Later it became the strongest weapon of Zionism

Morg_Lamia 17 Mar 2017
Love the look of this weapon. It would be pretty cool to recreate it.

louMari23306801 20 Dec 2013
Syrian chemical weapon arsenal destruction timetable gets UK boost via

LunaSchattenZ 25 Nov 2019
... Is it bad that at first I thought she was eating giant licorice/gummy bear/lamia or something?

cupcake_bomber 4 Dec 2019
Alright so the reverse-lamia Amira just gave a tip about bandits. I gotta protecc this village, so off I go with a brand new weapon

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