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Having a daily routine is imperative as we adjust to being at home more. What routines are you sticking to? Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and softly filtered sunlight tops our list.

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IH-69 Eastex Freeway Southbound After TOWNSEN - Road Debris - Status: Detected at 7:39 PM - Lanes Affected: 1 Mainlane(s), 1 Shoulder Lane(s)

antonin_org 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
Stephen Curry’s 2019 Finals highlights 30.5 points | 6.0 assists | 1.5 steals 59.8 TS% | 50.4 eFG% 23 made threes (5th most ever)

Victoria59L 17 seconds ago shared via Twitter
. Had a lovely afternoon at the cottage. Mother Nature keeping things in perspective.

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sukiya_jp 42 minutes ago
/ 連続5日間開催(2日目/毎日応募可) \ 発売記念🎊 抽選で オリジナルスケートボードを3名様 お食事券1,000円分を200名様にプレゼント😋 をフォロー ②この投稿をRT ③当選者へは後日DM連絡 ⚠️5/29(金)8:59締切

LamiaHope 7 minutes ago
Mcountdown today let's pray guys and don't forget to keep voting on mubeat

ThiAnidem 11 minutes ago
says the persona fan

Titan_Thi 57 minutes ago
Good Tweet Gn

x_pegasus_ 56 minutes ago
2 din phly humaray bhi gai thi but complain krne k max 10 min bd agai thi

sankoseika 41 minutes ago
✈ 🚀/ かっぱえびせんさん楽しい企画👏 も参加させていただきま~す🙋‍♀️ 九州のソウルフード😁⁉️ ミニサラダ1ケースを10名様にプレゼント🎁✨ 本アカウントをフォロー&このツイートをRTしてね♪ 締切:6月3日(水) 23:59  

MicElla59 1 minute ago
I have no self control.. plus my daughter has been asking me since Sunday to make these for her.

thiaraujo 27 minutes ago

VoteWithY 15 minutes ago
[MYX AWARDS 2020] ARMY, is nominated for the International Video of the Year with ‘Boy with Luv' ft. Halsey at the ! ↳ Click to 🗳: ✨1 🗳 per account/day ⏰ Ends: June 11, 2020 (12:59 AM KST) Let’s help our PEARL ARMYs! ~🍀

bhiola59 1 hour ago
Influencer don give random tweep belle coz she wan join Rt group... We go settle the matter tommorow sha

NiceBot69 41 minutes ago
...nd since ‘**69**, I can thi... nice

VeraAnisimova59 10 minutes ago

sweetbrocks 60 seconds ago
wait so do amazon drivers just fucking speed when someone orders same day delivery at 11:59 pm?

jinsqng 1 hour ago
under19 stans ❤️ here's a gift for y'all!

Victoria59L 10 minutes ago
Because Liberal adults in can’t figure it out on their own

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