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BasketOldSchool 4 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Joe "jellybean" Bryant, le papa de Kobe sous le maillot des San Diego Clippers et avant de rejoindre l'Europe. Ses stats chez les Clipps 10.9 pts, 5.2 rebs, 2.2 ass.

mike_petriello 19 Aug 2016 shared via Twitter
...and big thanks to for going to Joe Maddon to ask him stats questions about Bryant:

FreeLaddin 30 May 2013 shared via Twitter
The stats show otherwise, please review the song T Shirt n Buddens RT : Joe Budden > Lil B RT : Lil B > Kobe Bryant

MiLB 16 Nov 2013 shared via Twitter
Kris Bryant has been named the winner of the Joe Black Award as the AFL's MVP. Check out his fall stats:

tpimental 21 Aug 2009 shared via Twitter
I've been a FG subscriber for a few years and a big fan of the VBD tool. How come you haven't added kick/punt return stats to it

DanShaltiel 18 Jul 2016
Joe, definatley hold on to the rizzo MVP ticket,he &Bryant tight battle prob best stats in sept &cum wins it

newsattitude 31 May 2018
Joe Bryant stats, nba, age, wiki, biography

JUKE_LAMES 18 Apr 2012
And Joe Johnson is getting paid more than Kobe Bryant... he's not even on top of the stats

SMenck12 10 Oct 2016
I dug into some stats but I was certain we'd see Bryant in LF. Knew Joe had deeper stats than we did and found all that.

LaVelleNeal 4 Oct 2018
Disagree. I liked Bryant’s more when I lived there. Now there’s Jack Stack, Q39 and Joe’s. It’s like old school stats vs modern analytics now.

steelcityundrgr 24 Oct 2017
With Bryant's stats/snaps at/above JuJu, what's to fix? Joe gives his opinion on when the WR breaks out of his slump

TheRealSuki 6 Feb 2010
@x0xLakeRSx0x I just typed in Joe Bryant career stats, and a page with the wrong answer came up lol.

darronm 25 Jul 2009
If you really want some great stats/data, visit and follow . I've used them for many years.

hatfieldsports 21 Feb 2017
Final Stats for Lake Taylor (1/2) - Joe Bryant 19Pts. 7-14FG, 6Reb. 3Ast. Jalen Jordan 12Pts. 5Reb. 5Stl. 4Ast. 3Blk. LT 23-61FG, 4-29 3's

GoCubs49 4 Aug 2018
Wow, I wonder what Joe Maddon’s stats were in 2015 when he carried us to the NLCS. .900 OPS? We had Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Arrieta, Lester, etc doing well for us, I could win as a manager with a lineup like that

hatfieldsports 23 Feb 2018
Final Stats for Lake Taylor - Dereon Seabron 32Pts. 11-16FG, 9-12FT, 11Reb. Jalen Jordan 16Pts. (15 in 2ndH), 7-13FG, 2Blk. Joe Bryant 12Pts. 11Reb. 7Stl. TyQuan McNair 8Pts. 7Stl. 6Ast. Zyrail Mitchell 5Ast. Titans - 30-75FG, 6-21 3's, 16-25FT, 37Reb. 18Ast. 16TO's, 21Stl.

news_ghana 3 Dec 2015
Kobe Bryant’s 20 years career in stats - Kobe, son of former NBA player Joe Bryant will forever be r...

JamesHardyPBP 18 May 2018
Keep in mind on Joe Namath that besides the style of offense under Bryant, they only played 10 regular season games and before 2004, bowl game stats didn’t count toward a players overall season stats

hatfieldsports 2 Feb 2018
Final Stats for Lake Taylor - Dereon Seabron 20Pts. 9-14FG, 5Ast. 4Reb. Joe Bryant 19Pts. 7-13FG, 5-9 3's, 10Reb. 2Stl. Jalen Jordan 14Pts. 6-10FG, 3Ast. Titans 27-54FG, 9-26 3's, 5-14FT, 23Reb. (6Off.), 14TO's, 10Stl.

hatfieldsports 28 Dec 2016
Final Stats for Lake Taylor - Dereon Seabron 16Pts. 8Reb. Joe Bryant 15Pts. 7Reb. Demontae Tyler 14Pts. 4Stl. Tyquan McNair 14Pts.

hatfieldsports 16 Dec 2017
Final Stats for Lake Taylor - Dereon Seabron 22Pts. 15Reb. Tyquan McNair 15Pts. 6Ast. Joe Bryant 13Pts. 15Reb. Jalen Jordan 9Pts.

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