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Stefani15841876 Jan 26 shared via Twitter
Heartfelt sympathy to the Bryants. JoeJellybeanBryant (Kobe’s father) played for the Philadelphia 76ers back in the day. To his parents, siblings, wife and children: We are mourning with you. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

meaganmday Jan 25 shared via Twitter
This is Bernie. When we rang his doorbell he was undecided between Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. We found out his major issues are protecting/expanding Social Security and improving Medicare. We had a substantive conversation and now Bernie is voting for Bernie.

buildabritt Jan 25 shared via Twitter
This is Jellybean

bennyjohnson Jan 25 shared via Twitter
🚨BREAKING🚨 Senator Josh Hawley has drafted motions to Subpoena Adam Schiff, the Whistleblower, Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden to Testify Under Oath. If the Senate calls witnesses, says he will ask for votes on these next week.

BrodieNBCS Jan 25 shared via Twitter
Would the offer Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau to a Cup contender…? ➡️

KaConfessor Jan 25
Who else has ever smashed siblings?

banditelli Jan 25

thehill Jan 25
Progressive group calls on Sanders to renounce Joe Rogan endorsement

seokjinsized Jan 25

LuisIpa07 Jan 25

RowlandRIVALS Jan 25
Nick Richards had a Joe Burrow offseason.

Fuckin Joe Manchin. My no good senator.

PostOpinions Jan 25
The New York Times editorial board missed the point on Joe Biden, says

asdfghjemima_ Jan 25
joe: what do you want for tea? dianne:

i saw someone call joe rogan "astrology for straight men" and i

business Jan 25
Bernie Sanders lamented that being stuck in Washington for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is putting him “at a disadvantage“ to former Vice President Joe Biden in Iowa

Desha7 Jan 25
My son says that way too often when he mocks me. "That was too easy, Mom." Me: "F*ck you, Tom!" (What a thing to say.) 🤣

I had not seen all these examples of how horrible this woman is. I don't hold Warren responsible for Ashley's views. I don't hold Bernie responsible for Joe's views. If someone is frothing at the mouth about Joe & hasn't spoken out against Ashley, they are a hypocrite. Period.

People4Bernie Jan 25
This is why Joe Biden doesn't want anyone talking about Social Security anymore.

mooncult Jan 25
Joe Biden kissed his granddaughter on the mouth again today.

Tim Pool is pointing out that the entire impeachment argument is null and void, because how could you go after a presidential candidate when Joe Biden wasn't running for president at the time?

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