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Entraînement de Joe Jeannette, gymnastique suédoise [le boxeur fait des pompes] : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol]
Entraînement de Joe Jeannette, gymnastique suédoise [le boxeur fait des pompes] : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol] - 1
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Kale Basil Pistachio Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe - Jeanette's Healthy Living
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▶ A Japanese Dream - Ambrose And His Orchestra, At The May Fair Hotel, London Bert Ambrose, dir: Sylvester Ahola, Dennis Ratcliffe, t / Ted Heath, tb / Danny Polo, cl, as, bar / Joe Jeannette, cl, ts / Eric Siday, Reg Pursglove, Ernie Lewis, vn / Bert Read, p, a / Joe Brannelly, bj, g / Dick Escott, bb, sb / Max Bacon, d / Sam Browne, v / Sid Phillips, a. Small Queen's Hall, London, May 22, 1930.
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BoxingRegister 15 Oct 2016 shared via Twitter
Not bad for Jack Johnson aged 67 & Joe Jeannette aged 71.

BoxingRegister 7 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
In 1905, Jack Johnson fought 3 times on the same night & won all 3 bouts. One bout was against Joe Jeannette

MartinAchard 18 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Poster of the Sam Langford vs. Joe Jeannette fight held at Luna Park Arena in Paris on December 20th, 1913. Langford won via 20-round decision.

BoxingTriviaGuy 29 Mar 2016 shared via Twitter
Heavyweights Sam McVea and Joe Jeannette shared the ring 5 times including this 49 round bloodbath in 1909.👊🏻

boxingsocialist 31 Oct 2011 shared via Twitter
Retweet Tribute to Joe Jeannette (legendary Boxer): Tribute to the Hall of fame Boxer Joe Jeannette very interes...

JoeJeannette2 May 27
Great Promo impact has a excellent female roster. Good move for Deonna🙌

BoxingHistory 30 Oct 2016
A photo of early 1900s heavyweight contender Joe Jeannette, who was stopped only twice in over 100 fights

BoxingTriviaGuy 29 Mar 2016
Former rivals Sam McVea & Joe Jeannette flank Georges Carpentier prior to his fight with Jack Dempsey. (1921)

BoxerJoeGrim May 9
Battling Jim Johnson won a 10-round newspaper decision over Joe Jeannette at the Canadian AC at Sohmer Park in Montreal in 1915.

BoxerJoeGrim 26 Aug 2019
Famed early 20th century heavyweight Joe Jeannette was born in North Bergen, New Jersey, in 1879.

KT_BOXING 10 Feb 2017
American heavyweight Joe Jeannette on a rubbing table while in France...

BoxingHistory 22 Mar 2014
Sam McVey Gets Revenge Decision Over Joe Jeannette (Article) -

"Boston Terror" Sam Langford goes after Joe Jeannette in their 10th fight, which took place in Paris, 1913 and was won by Langford on points

BoxingTriviaGuy 20 Dec 2014
Sam Langford & Joe Jeannette's 10th fight 101 years ago today in Paris. (What I wouldn't give to have been there!)

BoxingHistory 20 Feb 2014
Today in 1909, Sam McVey won the "colored" heavyweight title by PTS20 over Joe Jeannette (Article) RT please

A pair of prizefighting : Joe Jeannette (left) and Bob Fitzsimmons square off in May of 1909 at the outset of one of two exhibition matches they engaged in during that year, one bout in and the other in .

Jeremiah "Joe" Jeannette, an all-time great, official career record (though no doubt incomplete) of 83-10-10 with 69 KOs, battles against such as Jack Johnson, Sam McVea, Young Peter Jackson, Kid Norfolk, Big Bill Tate and Sam Langford.

A battle of two all-time greats, Joe Jeannette (left) and Sam Langford. These two locked up some 15 times over the years, both getting their share of wins over the other.

Born , "The Black Panther," Harry Wills, a true all-time great. Wins over Sam McVea, Sam Langford, Luis Firpo, Jeff Clark, Gunboat Smith, Kid Norfolk, Joe Jeannette. Denied a shot at the world title because he was black.

BoxerJoeGrim May 8
Double trouble: future heavyweight king Jack Johnson took on two men in one night at the Knickerbocker AC in Philly in 1905 - fighting a three-round no decision bout against Joe Jeannette before KO'ing Walter Johnson in the last of three scheduled rounds.

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