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AlgorithmDancer 30 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
you recommended via email a (hopefully) wildly mismatched job for me—but gave me no way to get you that feedback. I have nothing again serving Jamba Juice but I have been a programmer analyst for 25 years. . . So something is wrong with your algorithm!

cxmariepena 22 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
this boy at jamba juice always gives me a large when i order a medium and i really thought it was bc im a regular customer but today he asked for my number and i was like nah and now im drinking out a medium 😔

cmendoxa_ 29 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Some Jamba Juice would smack

vXamador 21 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
This is me riding my bike to my 4:30 to close shift at Jamba Juice Port Hueneme in 2008

yourempathy 20 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
when jamba juice gets the size of my drink wrong

DMbuttstuff 29 Aug 2019
*sees a jamba juice* Wow it’s just like that sickomode song

pantherasb 29 Aug 2019
HEY Panthers! We are selling Jamba Juice for $5 in the quad, having our yearly club fair, and an away game against GHHS. Be sure to show your school spirit and go all out O&G TOMORROW 🐾🧡💚

BillyReilich 29 Aug 2019
Unfortunately I’m not Lexi’s type. I’ll just have to go to Jamba Juice for now on

_lilbaby_0 28 Aug 2019
Some Jamba Juice sounds good rn

TinaTrouble138 27 Aug 2019
When I go to Jamba Juice and order a Venti

tjchambersLA 28 Aug 2019
I’m at an outdoor Starbucks table but I’m drinking a Jamba Juice, in case anyone likes BAD BOYS

briiaannaa25 19 Aug 2019
A bowl from Jamba Juice sounds so good 😭

cIaylogan 24 Aug 2019
my boyfriend: does not support my jamba juice addiction

Cedillo3j 18 Aug 2019
some Jamba Juice sounds fire right now

RussellNorth415 28 Aug 2019
20 lobster rolls, 50 chicken wings (lemon pepper), Jamba Juice smoothie machine, 5 bottles of Moet, 2 bottles of Jameson, Gingerale and 100 packs of fruit snacks.

PASAofCSUEB 27 Aug 2019
It’s a hot day today! ☀️ Use one of our BOGO Jamba Juice cards to TREAT YO SELF to a refreshing cold smoothie. 🥤❄️ Text our treasurer Gillian to purchase one today! 💵 What’s your favorite Jamba Juice drink? ✌🏼

theyknowjoe 24 Aug 2019
If I could have Jamba Juice everyday I would

__brookestuuur 23 Aug 2019
I just asked my brother if he wants a Jamba Juice and he said, “yeah, from where?”

cristelaroo 26 Aug 2019
What’s the most random place you’ve ever been brutally hungover? I once thought I was gonna legitimately die at a Jamba Juice. I’m still so scarred I don’t like going to Jamba Juice cus it’s triggering.

jenniferrmena 30 Aug 2019
need some jamba juice asap ima go krazy

jade_curlyhair 27 Aug 2019
Jamba Juice’s Belgian waffle STUPID SMACKS

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