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Coronavirus Outbreak: Central government pushed the lockdown till May 17 in whole India. India split into red, green and orange zones for some times.
Guildlines given by India during lockdown 3.0
India extends it's country wise lockdown up to may 17 the but it divides the areas into red zone, orange zone and green zones. According to zone wise India gives guidelines .... Check in the image. #lockdown #indialockdown #redzone #greenzone #orangezone #india
Lockdown 3.0 Details in India
Lockdown 3.0 Details in India, what is relaxed what is not. What is green zone, what is red zone, what is orange zone. What all districts are their in zones. #lockdown #nationwidelockdown
List of red, orange and green zones in AP; Vizag marked as orange zone
Beginning May 4, all districts of India will be classified into Red, Orange and Green Zones as the country enters a new phase of lockdown in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic. The zone classifications will determine the kind of restrictions imposed in a district. Here is a look at all Indian districts, their zone classifications and what activities are permitted in what zones. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ed, Orange and Green -- that's how districts acro
#CORONAVIRUS #Lockdown 3.0: #Red, #Orange, #Green #Zone #district-wise list
#CORONAVIRUS #Lockdown 3.0: #Red, #Orange, #Green #Zone #district-wise list: Complete #Classification of #COVID19 Lockdown #India
Ravi Shastri names his ‘beer buddies’ as India lifts ban on the sale of alcohol
Indian cricket team head coach Ravi Shastri is currently spending the lockdown at his home in Alibaug, which comes under the orange zone list. The former India all-rounder recently revealed that he was going to get a beer from the…
MP Lockdown District List Zone Wise
Sale of Non-Essentials item to resume on E-commerce websites
The lockdown has been increased by the Indian government by two more weeks. Various districts have been classified into Red,Green or Orange zone based on the number of Covid-19 cases. Certain relaxations are also provided for the zones. Among them includes the sale of non essential items on e-commerce websites. According to the new guidelines […] The post Sale of Non-Essentials item to resume on E-commerce websites appeared first on The Social Digital.
Pre-order Xiaomi Mi 10 5G from Amazon India | Price, Specs and Features
National lockdown in India extended by 2 weeks
National lockdown in India extended by 2 weeks The Home Ministry on Friday May 1 extended the national lockdown for two more weeks but eased the restrictions, more in districts that have been classified as green zones than orange and red. Some activities such as air travel, rail, metro and inter-state movement of people will […] The post National lockdown in India extended by 2 weeks first appeared on Kwt Today and is written by Priyanka Oberoi.
Considering the increasing number of corona patients the government has decided to extend the lockdown for two weeks but has also announced reliefs. That is the lockdown-3 will be much softer than the previous two lockdowns. In which there will be relief in many activities not only in the Green Zone but also in the Red Zone. Limited services will be available in the Red Zone. But barring the cantonment area and the buffer zone around it in the Green and Orange zones barbershops liquor cigarette
India extends nationwide lockdown, to allow relaxations in lower-risk zones
via @PerilofAfrica India extends nationwide lockdown, to allow relaxations in lower-risk zones: India said on Friday it… Reuters World News
Faiz Updates
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max will be on sale today for the first time in India at 12pm IST. The phone was launched in March nation wide, but cancelled due to lockdown. This phone is will be available on, Delivery will be available only in Green and Orange Zone area throughout the country. For more click the link above..
Lockdown 3.0: Maharashtra govt issues guidelines on relaxations in Red Orange Green Zones
List of States, Districts and their Zone classification in Lockdown 3.0
New Lockdown Rules From May 4: What is Allowed and Banned in Green, Orange, and Red Zones
The Government of India through the Ministry of Home Affairs extended the lockdown by two weeks to end on 17th May 2020 in all parts of the country. The extension for a further period of two weeks comes with new lockdown rules from 4th May 2020. The ministry also issued guidelines stating what is allowed […] The post New Lockdown Rules From May 4: What is Allowed and Banned in Green, Orange, and Red Zones appeared first on Acko General Insurance.
Todaysofferr@blogspot.comSamsung India all ready for post Covid-19 business Samsung Electronics like most companies around the world has seen its business being hit because of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown. But the company is ready to bounce back the moment things ease up a bit. In India Samsung has already announced that it is reopening its exclusive brand stores in orange and green zones across the country in conformity with government regulations and the zonal guidelines and saf
Coronavirus lockdown zones: Full list of Red Orange Green districts and restrictions in India
MHA extends nationwide lockdown for 2 more weeks, till May 17
Lockdown 3: List Of Activities That Are Started In Different Zones
There are already more than 42000 cases of coronavirus in India till May 3. The lockdown 3 in India has started today and it will continue till May 17. The government has divided all the cities and into three zones red, orange, and green based on the number of cases.
Lockdown 3.0- All List Of Covid-19 Red,Green & Orange Zones || 733 District In India Splits in Zone.
Lockdown 3.0- All List Of Covid-19 Red,Green & Orange Zones || 733 Distr...
Lockdown 3.0? Govt identifies zones post May 3: The Centre has finalised the criteria for delimitation of various zones… #news #headlines
The constant rise in COVID-19 positive cases in India has impelled the government to extend the lockdown by another two weeks. But the government is no longer imposing a complete lockdown. And it has allowed e-commerce companies such as Flipkart and Amazon to deliver both essential as well as non-essential goods from May 4 when Lockdown 3.0 in India kicks in. As per the latest regulations laid forward by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) the e-commerce giants can kick start delivery of all pr
indilivenews: Lockdown: Liquor traders in Goa fear shortage of s...

KingsMusk May 23 shared via Twitter
This is inhumanely thought out measure. LOCKDOWN IS a NO SOLUTION . While we appreciate role of Administration, in particular MR shahid's , however All of Kashmir is not even orange forget Red Zone.

dtnewsonline May 20 shared via Twitter

themobileindian May 22 shared via Twitter
has started offering their sales in Red, Orange and Green zone areas( Except Containment Zone) as per the new government guidelines of Lockdown 4.0 announced on 18th May 2020.

SmitaGhoshal May 23 shared via Twitter
In simple language there is no Red, green or orange zone. We all are ONE NOW! Don't know if anyone is even bothered, to make this clear and revise the rules of lockdown.

CEICData1 May 20 shared via Twitter
On May 17th, India started the fourth phase of its lockdown, continuing the red, orange, and green zone arrangement but with a substantial easing of restrictions. See our daily charts and more here:

sadahaqnews May 23

gradually spreading in India lockdown has been giving support to not spread too much, what we don't have choice to open in green or orange zone , govt taken good step .

sadahaqnews May 23
Eid Mubarak! Seize the moment and be happy. Because very little is needed to make a happy life, it’s all within yourself and your way of thinking.

sadahaqnews May 26

Sir, please don't lift lockdown. Cases are increasing rapidly. People will get infected like never before. Dont open all shops in orange zone. Please be patient for few more months. India has high population and not all civilized enough to follow social distancing.

sadahaqnews May 23

The whole India is lockdown from past 2months and ur not aware of wt is going around. And u knw all the green zone cities have been turned out to orange ok. Whole karnataka's all district are spreaded now before it was only 7to9 cities now it is all district have been effected

KapilVegad May 21
Dheere Dheere jab pure India se Lockdown me relief diya jaa rha h, Railway chalu ho gyi, Flight chalu ho gyi, Desh bhi khul gya, To Mandir ko bhi kholna chahiye Green, Orange zone me, kyuki Mandir ka bhi khulna jaruri h, Give Permission.

Layman Diary office: Bazar India m guide lines k sath lockdown 4 m khul gaya. Salesmen harkat m aana chata hai lekin Red zone Orange zone Green zone unha ghar s nikalna k liya badhit kar raha hai SO STAY SAFE STAY HOME

There is no lockdown going in india,all the shops are open in almost all states, vehicles are running..there is no social distance is being maintained.there is no difference between red zone, orange zone or green zone.. police is not patrolling. .

otvnews May 1

Data show India’s Coronavirus lockdown has worked well; No wonder we are already 43% in green zone, 39 % in Orange Zone and just 18 % in red zone. This is a great success story of Lets make it complete green in

👉Lockdown 3.0 RULES 👉India divided into 3 zones- RED, Orange & Green 👉Green- Districts with NO CASE for 21 DAYS 👉NO metro, air, rail or any inter-state buses in ANY ZONE 👉Buses with 50% capacity in green zone 👉No cinema, Gym,Mall,hotel, college, school anywhere

Here in india they make 3 zone Red , Orange and Green.. Red zone is still fully lockdown and Orange zone little bit open and Green zone shops and factory open with under Govt guidelines..

rocks_0908 May 3
now in lockdown 3, my area comes under orange zone per AMC. But still u guys are not delivering product so what i have to wait to complete all the lockdown which coming in future. then whats the meaning of stay home.

BJP4Nagaland May 3
Lockdown 3.0 : Orange Zone Know the services/industries that can function with effect from May 4, 2020.

A hosteler, during social distancing we take precautions but can still meet up in restaurant but still maintaining distance...after 1 or 2 weeks, whole India got in lockdown, since then we haven't left our houses, after 2 months our area become orange zone 🔽

hardikng82 Apr 30
What we will do with this data? Tell us if they are going to extend the lockdown in red zone and orange zone because orange zone is most likely to turn into red zone and looking at the population lockdown should be extended for whole India.

NegativeDont May 2
Coronavirus Lockdown Extend in India What are the New Rule Red Orange Green Zone Post link - Web link in bio

vandematram24 May 11
sir, India needs total lockdown at least till 31st May (without any relaxations in orange zone, red zone or green zone). Aap dekh sakte hain ki cases bahut tezi se Barr rahe hain. Last 1 week, cases have increased rapidly. India is heading for disaster.Pls extend

List of District in Red Zone, Orange Zone, Green Zone under Lockdown 3.0 in India. Check your Distinct / city under which zone does it comes.

What is the permitted activities for inter district travel in orenge zone. I was stuck at near orange zone district due to lockdown can I go my home in orange zone district?

Although the lockdown in India has extended by another 2 weeks till 17 May, it still brings the to unveil the momentum of some essential work in green & orange zone. We urge you all to & Support.

The strategy u have planned Green,red,orange zone Are not not gonna work on this Because This virus is completely different from others complete India will lockdown

Only diversity that India didnt have earlier is a flu(?) based diversity! green zone vs orange zone vs red zone fight now! Who is more efficient, who has been careless etc !! 😸😹

yogimanish_ Apr 12
Lockdown-2 in 3 parts Zone- Red Orange Green 1. Red Zone- No activity all shout down 2. Orange - limited transport, limited market open, farming oK 3. Green- Open almost everything with strictness and follow

Lockdown must be continuing whole country no green,no orange zone ,,

KagatharaH Apr 27
whole world is watching us for our fight against corona.Modi ji you playing a very big roll in this fight,sir you are real hero and inspirational PM for whole world i request you that please do not open india must apply hard lockdown in red and orange zone

shubhendu1975 Apr 25
Don’t you think that we should stretch the lockdown till 7-10th June’20 where total confirmed cases are above 100,not on the basis of hotspots,red zone,orange zone,green zone.Along with that there will be restrictions in inter-state movements,then we can flatten the curve.

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