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ShilpijainAdv May 19 shared via Twitter
But now, states have no options as they dont have enough to sustain. They have to open up or else ppl will starve to death. Two months lockdown for a developing country like India is a luxury. The sad part is that we have failed to do our part by not being vigilant.

soumyakantasatp Apr 30 shared via Twitter
There is no lockdown going in india,all the shops are open in almost all states, vehicles are running..there is no social distance is being maintained.there is no difference between red zone, orange zone or green zone.. police is not patrolling. .

RohanV May 10 shared via Twitter
As I wrote yesterday, one consequence of India's early lockdown is that the country is now going to open up, despite not seeing a downward dip in new cases. The peak is expected sometime towards the end of June or in July.

Aravind91072813 May 23 shared via Twitter
is too little too late after 60 days of agony.We are in real distress. We don't get free ration or free accommodation in US. We are stranded cause of your decision to lockdown and state not allowing is no excuse. Pls open intl.

ashishanand1980 Apr 6 shared via Twitter
we should not open school and colleges or any other educational institutions after lockdown. It create traffic jams, chaos and extra responsibility. Please consider.

OblivionAK Apr 21
proclaiming that dine out options are open amidst lockdown this is false info which may result in people venturing out hence breaking all laws. What you may or may not anticipate is not the issue. Future is unknown talk about the present and

BapiPradipta Apr 17
Sir /Madam We offline retailers of INDIA would like to request you not to allow E-commerce to sell non essentials product or allow us to open our this lockdown period we are struggling for our survival and waiting to open our shops to start our livelihood ..please 🙏

sameegharsam May 19
India could not implement lockdown well. What india mean about lockdown Stay at Home - Stay Safe OR police lathis. What it should have meant, Testing ,Testing & Testing - quarantine infectors & open economy for rest of people with new norms .

RajKarnie Mar 29
Barkha, I post this video from Toronto, Canada. We have also lock down. But not ridiculous Modi lock down like India. Social distancing means keeping 2m distance from each other. Traffic is allowed but not gathering of 5 or more. Schools/ offices closed. supply lines open.

All shops in rural India can open (65% of India). Experts still debating whether lockdown will open on 3rd May or not!

GSTPragnesh Apr 20
Lockdown extend to 3rd May and due to this its not possible to business man pay TDS on on-time because last date for Payment is 30.04.20 provided. So kindly request to you please provide extension in TDS payment date or Allow us to open office to calculate TDS.

executiveabhi Apr 20
you are really open or assumed to open. staff sitting in office but not responding nor working. please take cognizance Post offices to remain open during COVID-19 lockdown period | Deccan Herald -

mmojha Mar 26
Shutdown will be better option for few hours cut not good idea or they open 1 day in wk till lockdown

RKM79 May 1
5. Lockdown to keep numbers low and hope for a miracle cure or vaccine I fear India going for Number 5 which is very dangerous, will open out parts but not going to be fully open and panic at every spike ( though relatively so low compared to other countries)

irmayyidh Apr 23
Pls open OUTBOUND INTL FLIGHTS. Outbound flights will not create any problems to current lockdown or people , please we are foreign we want leave to our contry .

MBhushaan Apr 21
Don’t get confused by the term ‘lockdown’. USA has not been anything like India, critical sectors were identified by govt who could remain open. Moreover, they could certify critical vendors so their supply chain could function as well. And states have leeway to dial up or down.

shivsg97 May 7
No pitch. We’ve all been exposed already whether we like it or not (Jan-March without any lockdown). No spike. No deaths. No shit. Open tf up. India can’t do lockdowns. People will be fine, and the immunocompromised need to work on their immunities period (tbh, we all should).

vivekdesai_ Mar 24
Will definitely remain open, but may be electronic trading only like NYSE! It is lockdown not curfew or anything. This is my best guess! Lets see

Haha, you have no idea how stringent it is here in india, nobody is allowed here to protest on roads or travel. It's very much like China. Why do all super-rich want the lockdown to open? Hmm? It's not so easy to fool people, relax dude.

pratik2906 Mar 29
India goes into lockdown. US states keep beaches open!! Does lockdown work or not? Is it right or not? We don’t know. No one seems certain.

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