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Kandlesticks_ 28 May 2019 shared via Twitter

hoperhenderson 10 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
I got interviews off Glassdoor. That said, most jobs are gotten through connections - juice your networks.

JD_FutUREPres 3 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
No my last name is not Juice... Bando is my old Army nickname.. It's DURM Find me on LinkedIN and Glassdoor

AlgorithmDancer 30 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
you recommended via email a (hopefully) wildly mismatched job for me—but gave me no way to get you that feedback. I have nothing again serving Jamba Juice but I have been a programmer analyst for 25 years. . . So something is wrong with your algorithm!

holloman 9 May 2013 shared via Twitter
Want to juice up your Salesforce deployment? Do it the Glassdoor way!

mickangeI Apr 1
Oh come on. I looked on Glassdoor and it said Senior Political Analysts make an average of 85K a year!

DorianWr1ght 30 Apr 2019
This equipment is available in tall upright or under counter models to suit individual business requirements.

shovemedia 31 May 2019
That’s not what Glassdoor says

Kathleen_Garvin 4 Apr 2018
I’m 30 years old. My hobbies include starting the day with a green juice, reading companies get torched on Glassdoor and making all the doctors’ appointments. Hbu?

BareLeft Jan 26
Just started looking at Glassdoor reviews trying to find the old company I did this for, and I literally found an anecdote of someone shouting "juice!". WTF. Do they all just work from the same playbook...?

GlassDoor_Salon 3 Oct 2019
Exciting news!!! We are moving!! Our new home will be at 400 W 4th St! (Sharing a patio with Cycle Bar & Village Juice) While construction finishes in our new space, we will be taking clients at a temporary…

asalsman 10 Jun 2019
I'm fairly certain a former employer has recently decided to spam Glassdoor with seemingly fake positive reviews to juice their appearance in google results. It's kind of sad in the most pathetic way possible.

kscottz 28 Oct 2018
Just for reference, is not a good reference for checking out if a start-up is batshiat crazzy. Start-ups can and often do juice these ratings. The best barometer for testing company crazy is taking a few senior devs out for coffee or beer.

meat_juice 5 Sep 2017
Need to include adding "So..." at the start of EVERY sentence you speak.

CoachingToo 4 Jun 2017
Day 86: It's summertime. Do you have refreshments available in your reception room? A glassdoor wine refrigerator, water, lemonade or juice!

leshlizae 4 Jan 2016
when you bump head first into the clear glassdoor and make a scene. JUICE COLORED! sana bumukas na ang lupa at lamunin ako ngayon din! 😲😱

Jule_E 12 Sep 2014
This is me applauding for today's Employer branding summit fantastic job, was already a fan, now am on the juice.

JUICE_Mobile 21 Mar 2014
In Glassdoor's annual ranking of the 50 highest rated CEO's, tech had the largest representation

muffin_juice 4 Aug 2013
Looofff xD just like you Justin

BowdenMel 25 Apr 2013
Want to juice up your Salesforce deployment? use 5 apps to do just that!

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