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JackNumeroUno 16 Aug 2014 shared via Twitter

DVitalis 29 Feb 2012 shared via Twitter
The desert herb Ephedra, also know as "Mormon Tea", is one of my favorite herbs I am working with currently. It...

Marsh_Llama 13 Apr 2016 shared via Twitter
- Mormon tea (Ephedra viridis)- shrub contains the natural stimulant ephedrine, makes nice tea

DiscoveryUK 30 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
. natural pick-me-up is Ephedra, the plant used to make ‘Mormon Tea’. Find out more here:

neurograce 16 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
TIL ephedra is also known as "Mormon tea". They apparently found this particular drug acceptable

RobertPRowley2 2 Mar 2017
The Desert Today. (Mormon Tea [Ephedra] buds.)

yaelwrites May 8
You only need to know like ten plants: globemallow, cheeseweed, ephedra, creosote, Mormon tea, jojoba, maybe a few flowers. You wanna go up north, learn verbena, mugwort, and what a juniper tree looks like.

The Mormon tea (Ephedra spp.) were coning out robustly, which was super neat to see. The gravely washes were bursting with Bigelow monkeyflower (Diplacus bigelovii) and woolly sunflower (Eriophyllum ambiguum var. palacaeum). (4/)

BasinRange 3 Oct 2016
Death Valley Mormon tea (Ephedra funerea)

tomosdavies 27 Apr 2016
Ephedra virdis or 'Mormon Tea' has medicinal properties according to some.

botanicalguides 11 Mar 2018
Ephedra sinica ( Seeds & Tea For Sale ) Mormon Tea [ The FDA Doesn't like this stuff... ]

euneaux Jan 30
Where to get Mormon Tea aka ephedra aphylla? Coca Tea is easier to source!

AndrewChesnut1 17 Aug 2019
And returning to Mormons - they used use brew tea from Ephedra (aka Mormon tea) which of course is much more potent than coffee, especially the weak brews served in the 19th century.

CavernsNPS 29 Jul 2019
Mormon Tea (Ephedra trifurca) is a short, spiny, sticklike shrub with thin green stems. Pale yellow flowers appear in the spring. Stems & roots are high in flavonoids & were used for medicinal purposes by American Indians and early pioneers. NPS

yaelwrites 3 May 2015
Someone remind me to stay the fuck away from Mormon tea and all Ephedra species.

DVitalis 1 Mar 2012
I'm referring to Arizona Ephedra not Chinese Ephedra. The AZ kind is known as "Mormon Tea" & has considerable history of safe use

dlindgrenmd 5 Jul 2018
Saw a lady in Baltimore who'd stroked out from mixing Tranylcypromine and an ephedra-loaded OTC diet pill. "But it said it was NATURAL!?!" Yeah..major ingredient was Mormon Tea...full of natural ephedrine.

gardenbetty 6 Nov 2014
Ephedra growing wild all over Arizona. Mormon tea anyone?

gangstamittenz 21 Feb 2013
@DeniseLandamore @claireulibarri I'll try not to. Stay away from the Mormon Tea! (ephedra apparently is also called Mormon Tea)

NootropicsNow 16 Dec 2017
Mormon Tea Extract (Brigham Tea, Ephedra Tea), All Natural, 2 Ounces, Dropper... Category: Focus

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