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NE14NaCl_aq 17 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
Sounds like the point may have been logical inconsistency, accepting ephedra vs caffeine?

BigBodyBuilding 13 Mar 2010 shared via Twitter
David Santos - Clen Vs ECA – Pros, Cons, and More: Ephedra and caffeine create a synergistic effect in the b... http://tinyurl.com/ykat94a

LogicalLynx 20 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
PSMF was controlled and required heavy use of caffeine/ephedra as I leaned out. On carnivore its all ad lib. 60:40 vs >70% fat results in fat loss the lower I go in protein but gain when higher. The satiety and composition changes from increasing the fat are more dramatic on PKD.

dearzend 5 Feb 2009 shared via Twitter
96530ffdb9 ephedrine products ea082 ephedrine damage kidney c3b77 ephedrine caffeine 78af4 ephedra vs ephedrine .. http://tinyurl.com/byl4kr

jonronson 5 Feb 2009 shared via Twitter
I thought they were supposed to make me drowsy! Damn the small print. Actually - i now see - caffeine is in quite big letters.

sitepointdotcom 5 Feb 2009
Amazon's Fine Line: Infrastructure Provider vs. Competitor http://tr.im/etoo

JoshCox 5 Feb 2009
Great article on Caffeine and Athletic Performance: http://www.powerbar.com/articles/index.aspx

televisionary 5 Feb 2009
Faith vs. Echo? "Faith would win, unless of course Echo had been imprinted with Faith's personality, in which case I'll call it a tie."

cbs4rgv 5 Feb 2009
Our story about the Winter Texans vs. Valverde Flea Market is getting a lot of comments. http://is.gd/ix54

latimesmovies 5 Feb 2009
Christian Bale vs. Lily Tomlin: The epic smackdown : Who says there are no second acts in showbiz? JoBlo.com has.. http://bit.ly/B7fF

DJSemtex 5 Feb 2009
Forget 50 vs Ricky, its all about Ken vs Bison, Street Fighter 4 is Crack! http://bit.ly/lSwr

brainpicker 5 Feb 2009
Live: Shai Agassi on "digging up" (wind power) vs. "digging down" (oil). Well put.

JohnnyCupcakes 5 Feb 2009
feeling a bit lousy / under the weather - but working from home all day. Excited about watching the Celtics vs Lakers game tonight!

Enderle 5 Feb 2009
Speed vs. quality decisions: http://tinyurl.com/cvgv7j

Missinfo 5 Feb 2009
massive pounding headache...is it dipset? or is it my crippling caffeine addiction...I'm pretty sure its dipset.

latimesent 5 Feb 2009
Christian Bale vs. Lily Tomlin: The epic smackdown: A video mashup of meltdowns creates the battle of the tirades. http://tinyurl.com/aj6872

InsideRIA 5 Feb 2009
RT Inspired by @johnbcampos, googletrends chart: Flex vs. Silverlight vs. Ajax, vs. JavaFX, vs. Openlaslo http://twurl.nl/minykr

aweissman 5 Feb 2009
LaGuardia vs Bloomberg as NYC mayors - one believed in public spaces, the other private enclaves - interesting take http://bit.ly/G5hy

BibliophlMarie 5 Feb 2009
Hello Kitty vs. Barbie? http://tinyurl.com/arqrbf

DreKor 5 Feb 2009
According to Wikipedia, ephedra causes strokes. Maybe I should avoid that. Just looking for Red Bull replacements once I develop a tolerance

MParekh 5 Feb 2009
Closer look at Presidential perks & compensation: http://ginx.com/-f4T George Washington was paid $300k in '08 dollars vs. $400k for 44

Papapishu 5 Feb 2009
Off to shoot some redheaded Olympian trying to break his neck. Sponsored by sugar, caffeine and other stimulants!

Plip 5 Feb 2009
VS.NET won't accept or pickup the " key on my keyboard. Does make ASP.NET more difficult. Reboot time I think.

digiphile 5 Feb 2009
RT Thoughts on going in a recession? http://bit.ly/vJdm [Staffing costs vs savings on suites? watch?]

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