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DamonSalceies 5 May 2014 shared via Twitter
Mormon tea, Ephedra viridis. Good for some of what ails ya.

Selago 30 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
Ephedra viridis on CA 33, revisited

Selago 11 Jul 2012 shared via Twitter
Ephedra viridis seeds with bracts

fossilplants 12 Jun 2014 shared via Twitter
Ephedra viridis pushing through. I blogged about Ephedra a while ago

PictureThisAI 11 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
It looks like green Mormon tea. It's Latin name is Ephedra viridis. You could try PictureThis App next time. Just take a pic of your plant and it will give you an answer right away. You can check out more info about the app and download from here:

BasinRange 10 Jul 2016
Mormon tea (Ephedra viridis), Grapevine Mountains NV. A common green shrub of Great Basin…

evolvinside 17 Jan 2013
Do Ephedra Viridis Supplements Work for Burning Fat?: Ephedra is a favorite component of diet pills and weight l...

synthenalysis 1 Jul 2019
I devised a simple barrier made of skewers to prevent rabbits and cats from eating my /Ephedra viridis/ (Mormon Tea) sprouts. The pot is anchored by a 7-inch nail.

KoriWillDo 9 Sep 2011
Ephedra viridis & Leucophyllum frutescens. The first is piney and makes your tongue tingle, the second is sagey.

Selago 30 Aug 2012
The "baggie method" rides again: Stanleya, Penstemon and Ephedra viridis

FreshContent 2 Jun 2010
Updated my blog with Diffference between Ephedra and Ephedra Viridis? http://bit.ly/apOHfV

SpuffyForum 17 Oct 2012
Ephedra Viridis Adverse Side Effects or Ban: Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the is...

BBcomDeals 9 Mar 2010
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! NRG-X Labs Red Stinger Extreme - Extreme Fat-Burner w/ Ephedra Viridis! No coupon code needed. http://bit.ly/aHvdMf

china_medicine 9 Apr 2010
Chinese Medicine: Herbal Allergy Relief: Mormon Tea (Ephedra viridis) The American version of the famous Chinese E... http://bit.ly/b8ssU7

gjparksandrec 25 Jun 2015
I added a video to a playlist Mormon Tea Ephedra viridis

UAEX_edu 16 Jun 2017
Plant of the Week: Ephedra viridis Mormon Tea, Joint Fir — June 16, 2017

ngonzales1982 2 Mar 2017
Restocked: Check out Ephedra viridis seeds - Green Ephedra - Green Mormon Tea via

Alsaadi23 7 Dec 2012
You ought to Obtain Ephedra Viridis Via the internet: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of e...

injunbilly1 1 Oct 2014
Mormon Tea Herb, Ephedra viridis for sale Bouncing Bear Botanicals, a major supplier of sacred plants.

maxoutbodyus 14 Dec 2010
PROXYLEAN™ is one of the weight loss formulation containing Ephedra Viridis, Synephrine, and Caralluma - http://ping.fm/hXKsS

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