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NCCAM does? We conduct and support research and provide information about complementary health products and practices. Determinately pin this one!! It is a must read site!
Ephedra – Health Benefits and Side Effects
Ephedra Herb - Side Effects, Uses and Benefits
Ephedra Side Effects | Natural Alternative Remedy
Lipodrene: A Weight-Loss Supplement Review
Lipodrene, the “Yellow Hexagon,” is the first diet pill and fat-loss formula from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals first diet pill. The product relies on ephedra, which is currently banned from sale in the United States due to dangerous side effects.
Ephedra – Health Benefits and Side Effects
Ephedra Herb - Side Effects, Uses and Benefits
Ephedra – Health Benefits and Side Effects
Ephedra Herb - Side Effects, Uses and Benefits
Herbal Fact Sheet: Ephedra - The Creative Cottage
This fact sheet provides basic information about the herb ephedra—common names, uses, potential side effects, and resources for more information. Ephedra is an evergreen shrub-like plant native to Central Asia and Mongolia. The principal active ingredient, ephedrine, is a compound that can powerfully stimulate the nervous system and heart. #TheCreativeCottage
Workouts (Total Body)/Workout Motivation
Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5X helps in the fats burning and lean muscle mass building. according to the claim of company, the Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5X is free of ephedra and this claim is defended well with the help of results which are not only favorable but do not include the side effects which are caused by the use of ephedra.
researching this as possible substitute for meds that I just had to stop taking. Ineffective and too many side effects. It looks promising.
The 7 Worst Fitness Trends of All Time
Weight loss pills & powders....“miracle” pills that supposedly boost metabolism often contain hydroxcitric acid, chromium picolinate, or ephedra, which either have absolutely no nutritional value or can cause adverse side effects as bad as death.
Ephedrine Supplement — Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects
Ephedrine - Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects | Examine.com
Original Lipodrene with Ephedra - Ephedra Warehouse
Lipodrene with Ephedra

charleshysley 27 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Ephedra: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning

EuphoricEuler 5 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Oh, absolutely. The piece also mentions that severe adverse effects msy happen even at low dosage. The meta analysis of ephedra side effects, the paper links to, is even more worrying.

NIH_NCCIH 28 Jan 2015 shared via Twitter
containing were sold for but banned them because of dangerous side effects

2013Boodicca May 17 shared via Twitter
Nobody tamed it as well as the Chinese. They used traditional Chinese herbal medicine for 90% of their cases & recovery was rapid with no nasty side effects. Artemisia (wormwood), ephedra grass, licquorice wood & natural quinine featured in their clever formula.

JennyFoiack Mar 29 shared via Twitter
Ephedrine or other ephedra substances are sometimes put in cold medication and/or cough syrups because it has effects on your bronchi which makes it easier to breath. The side effects suck big time though.

ephedrineweb 30 Mar 2018
Hydroxycut with Ephedra – Original Ingredients Review, Results & Side Effects

SleepResearch_ 7 May 2017
Analgesic Effects and Side Effects of Ephedra Herb Extract and Ephedrine Alkaloids-free Ephedra Herb Extract.

dietsdietsdiets 19 Apr 2015
Side Effects of The Famous Ephedra Product: Side Effects of The Famous Ephedra Product Ephedra has been utiliz...

J_likeDAletter 31 Oct 2019
All the afghans were hopped up on this when I was out there. They’re using ephedra plant derivatives to produce this new plant backed meth! They literally were up for days without natural side effects from real meth!

CShoe83 13 Apr 2018
No worries. Ephedra is an herb that was included in dietary supplements for its stimulant and thermogenic effects. It worked well, but also causes a whole host of side effects in some people. It was eventually banned for use in supplements by the FDA back in 2006.

OmCatz Jan 8
He also takes large doses of ephedrine. It's highly addictive and easy to get. A lot of dieters got addicted to it in the 80's. That cold medicine from the UK that was photographed in his office drawer is full of Ephedra. Side effects of long term use are bad.

ephedrineweb 25 Mar 2018
Ephedra for Weight Loss: HUGE RESULTS… But Risk of Side Effects

embersghost 15 Apr 2015
Ma huang (ephedra) has been reported to cause serious, even fatal, side effects such as heart attack..sudden death...

dietodiet Mar 13
Ephedra Side Effects Many people who are looking for weight loss supplements or diet pills have heard or considered ephedra. If you have never tried ephedra then hopefully you will try to find the side effects of ephedra you need to know. As with any h…

WarrenPlatts May 3
You are probably not far from wrong. Just ask or Miles Guo. There is this special, very expensive "ephedra" they make up in the mountains that supposedly doesn't have the nasty side effects of street meth, but still.. Take enough of anything, it will @#$% you up.

JennyFoiack Mar 29
Check if there's ephedra in the medication you took. That looks like the shakes you get from that kind of stimulant. Cold sweats are side effects of those as well. Try to keep your heart rate down and rest.

ianfmusgrave Feb 2
The levels of botanical materials in homeopathic preparations is close to zero. Some botanicals work, but have more side effects than conventional drugs (eg ephedra and stroke vs pseuodephedrine), or are harder to dose (foxglove extract vs digitalis), or straight out toxic

Rapists4Biden 8 Dec 2019
- Machine guns are necessary for the security of a free state - GHB is a good substitute for alcohol with fewer side effects - Ephedra/Ephedrine is good for improving diet and exercise, major problems in our society - Steroids enhance masculinity in the age of microplastics

cofoppyplop 20 Apr 2019
I don't have any plans to use it as caffeine stimulates me enough. Back when ephedra was still legal, I used to take some of the free diet herbal pill samples, and some gave me a pretty good buzz. I started getting weird side effects from it. I was eating ephedra powder straight

chrishendel 18 Dec 2018
[5] A cautionary tale frequently cited by critics is the herb , a performance-enhancing popular with athletes in the late-90s. FDA banned the sale of products containing ephedra in 2004 after it was shown to have caused side effects including...

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