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Supernatural Seasons by KamiDiox on DeviantArt
Supernatural Seasons by ~KamiDiox on deviantART
11x03 The Bad Seed
'Stradbally, Ireland' Photographic Print - |
Photographic Print: Poster of Stradbally, Ireland : 24x18in
Everybody bleeding to that Higgs Boson Blues.
Nick Cave posing with a summary of my life
I don't even watch supernatural and this is awesome
Pinning for Charlie
Technically, because Sam's soul wasn't dragged out of hell like Deans, he doesn't have a mark, Dean only has a mark because Cas dragged his SOUL out, not his body, unlike Sam
Supernatural Funny Jared and Jensen
Image about funny in Supernatural by someone on We Heart It
supernatural, castiel, and funny afbeelding
Dean is HOT
LITERALLY CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW<<<<< I FREAKING FOUND THIS ONE BY PUTTING IN BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY COW <<< the female wolf (otherwise known as jared) is actually protecting the male’s (jensen’s) throat from the opposing wolf. usually, in an encounter such as this one, the female is purposely not harmed.
Sam without a soul was one of the funniest yet most depressing things I've ever seen.
Not Quite the World
I thought I had already pinned this... oh well. | In Our Fandom, This is the Nerd, We Win.
supernatural art
My place of beauty
My place of beauty
Omg More
I would totally use this to trap Mark Sheppard and make him my Mark Sheppard, and I shall call him -- My Crowley.
Found on iFunny
supernatural comic More
"Castiel, did you just molotov my brother... with holy fire?" "Uh... no..." - FunSubstance
"Castiel, did you just molotov my brother... with holy fire?" "Uh... no..."
Supernatural, ignore the cussing and these are rly funny
Supernatural / iFunny :)
Sam and Dean :)
☤☠ on Twitter
tonight Winchester night
And dean is looking at the camera like he is in "the office"
And dean is looking at the camera like he is in "the office"

news_in_summary 28 May 2016 shared via Twitter

stop 20 Jun 2009 shared via Twitter
Watched Taken last night. Summary: Liam Neeson as a retired spy, father, and general bad ass. Good movie for Father's Day weekend.

BET 11 Sep 2009 shared via Twitter
Movie Review: I Can Do Bad All by Myself - Summary: April’s (Taraji P. Henson) life of drinking, clubs and bad men ...

PestiEsti 28 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter
After reading the First Things thing, I read a plot summary of the movie; it sounds... bad.

baileystrohlTV 30 Apr 2013 shared via Twitter
: Is it bad that I know all the rap parts to "Dig It Up" from the movie Holes? summary of my childhood

NickAnimation 13 Feb 2014
New Job Posting! Background Designer- Bad Seeds: Summary: Generates background designs, overlays, underl...

demonatemu 25 Jan 2010
10th movie duel summary... lol they all cheat so bad

HuwLayton 18 Sep 2015
Actually, that is not a bad summary of Black Book Great movie.

Bindel_Ryan 19 Dec 2015
@therealmacattak summary: still a bad movie

PaulAllor 10 Feb 2014
There are few things I love more in life than reading the Wikipedia plot summary of a really bad movie.

HLNinEngeland 14 Aug 2015
Summary of this week: every movie needs a bad guy.

mastew72 20 May 2016
bad episode summary from a Lifetime Network movie?

NickAnimation 30 Jan 2014
New Job Posting! Storyboard Artist- Bad Seeds:  Summary: Tells the story visually, in storyboard form. ...

Solrent_ 11 Mar 2015
I dont remember that part XD and yeah the movie is a sequel Quick summary:so much timeline hopping=bad side effect. That's it XD

shippaipentagon 6 Apr 2015
lol i don't think this is a bad prompt at all??? this is legit your standard movie summary lol

wocfilmclub 13 Mar 2016
| Bad Hair Movie Review & Film Summary (2014) | Roger Ebert

BMannepalli 23 Sep 2015
@2806anu summary: Movie perfect! Indian traditions are laughable! some graphics bad! Hollywood take a note- India is coming!

captainclaude 16 Nov 2015
this year's traditional bad movie in a leeds hotel room (in summary):

voidarcana 29 Jul 2014
i guess it can be a nice movie on it's own but i love the book and the movie's like they adapted a bad wiki summary not the actual book

JayWatamaniuk 22 Jan 2015
Watched Chinatown with Jack Nicholson. Great movie. Summary- Bad Guys: 1 Good Guys: Nostril Split

melodylamb 5 Dec 2012
CMW summary so far: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Efterklang, Mac Demarco, Rihanna...and some other bands.

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