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Twist and shout feels got me like
Cas is me when my parents ask me what i want to eat.
Dean still doesn't think he deserves to be saved.
When psychoanalysis was new, juvenile delinquency in its infancy, and post-war conformity at its height, Maxwell Anderson’s Broadway 1954 play, The Bad Seed (adapted from the 1954 novel by William March) must have been quite the eye-opener. Patty McCormack, made The Bad Seed into a solid hit. Co-star Nancy Kelly won the Tony Award for Best Actress that year, and in a rarity for Hollywood, virtually the entire principal cast was recruited to recreate their roles for the 1956 film adaptation.
Ruth and director Jensen bts 11x03 The Bad Seed
The Cast from "The Bad Seed" ~ by Al Hirschfeld
Supernatural on Twitter
11X3 The Bad Seed - Supernatural ‏@cw_spn Good, evil, dark...doesn't make a difference at the end of the night. Thanks for watching #Supernatural! (3 of 6)
11x3 The Bad Seed
No One Would Tell (TV Movie 2018) - IMDb
No One Would Tell (TV Movie 2018) - IMDb
Angelina Jolie about Malificent 2
A Dance of Purposeful Chaos
Director Jensen BTS 11x03
11x03 The Bad Seed
counting stars.
[gifset] Aww, Cas doesn't think his pimp-mobile is crappy. :) 11x03
Seinfeld movie posters
The Bootlegger - #seinfeld #movie #poster
a ridiculous chronicle
Catch us. In just 3 DAYS.
In the Shadows - Game of Thrones
Sophie Snow is the bastard daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, younger twi… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad
A Dance of Purposeful Chaos
Director Jensen Supernatural bts - 11x03 #ActionAckles || Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles
The Walking Dead. Yes ❤️
Honestly I have no idea what's going on in this pic.
Spoiler Alert: The Twins in Descendants 3 Aren't Actually Twins (We're Shocked, Too)
Spoiler Alert: The Twins in Descendants 3 Aren't Actually Twins (We're Shocked, Too)
I really hope it's not fps because I want Betty and jughead to still date 😭

EastDallasAlice 3 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
My let’s go to bed, why am I still up movie this morning is ‘House of Deadly Secrets. ’ Mother and daughter move into new house looking for a fresh start,but it’s 2018 & nothing is right in some areas of our great nation. cast Patty McCormick ( Bad Seed), Angie Patterson

christinepghpa 26 May 2018 shared via Twitter
my boyfriend & i just watched Open House. despite its “horror” genre, we just laughed at how perfectly bad the plot was. one “positive” thing? it had the highest production value of the worst movie we ever saw. good job, Netflix! (:sarcasm intended:) 👍🏻

TheRealAubu 21 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Bad person to go after. If you've ever watched or been to a stand-up show of his he is literally the most crude comedian ever. It's his style. Totally different than outing some pedo movie director who's job isn't comedy.

Aaron_Gonsoulin 26 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
why does this look like a bad cop movie?

DogDog31022883 6 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
You guys crack me up. This movie is so bad, but I love you guys' honesty hahaha. Can't wait for the analysis tomorrow!

Alexisss_M7 29 Jun 2018
That movie makes me cry, like bad. Lol 😢

anissadaneee 7 Jul 2018
I was just talking about this! We watched the first movie last night & I want to watch the 2nd one so bad 😭

LifeOfCouncil 6 Jul 2018
It’s a guilty pleasure for sure. Reminds me of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” in a way. So bad it’s good type of movie.

widoretnalfi 8 Jul 2018
Too bad the movie site only had a lame-ass movie than the coolest streaming site. I’m not saying . But hey, I’m a fan.

bigdaddy911kev 17 Jul 2018
That movie sucked. The environmental scenes A+. Top notch selling the destructive force. The "bad humans" scenes C- ok but predictable. Main character acting D-. The script D-. The complete build up to a no ending = unforgivable. I want 30 minutes of my life back at least.

whiteshadow_w 23 May 2018
Yeah, Syfy knows how to cancell great shows so they can make a shitty movie. I bet they get the ticket money from people curious to see how bad the movie is lol

BadHombreSD 27 Jun 2018
Just a BAD movie! The one with Leia Poppins, Awful Finn/Rose Side Story, Poe Killing his team, POD err Camel Race, BDT Stutter/Character, Disgruntled Luke (Over Acting), & Snoke guest appearance...👎🏼 #💩Movie CC:

PiecesOfTori 9 Jun 2018
That annoyed me so much! I never got why they had a movie on beforehand and then never had reruns of the Shadowhunters episodes. BAD PROGRAMMING!

unclewilver 9 Jul 2018
has insulted my beliefs for the last time. Their movie selection is pathetic, and I'm not paying for any more of their progessive propaganda. Good riddance to a once good product gone bad.

Clarabela 20 Jul 2018
Isn’t that Patty McCormack, the little girl from Bad Seed?

wotcha_printin 19 Jul 2018
But plan nine had an actor die so the replaced him with a taller actor that covered his face with a cape. And sets dressed wrong it's a classic bad movie.

Charmdimshure 7 Jul 2018
I’m in! I would love to see 20 Sided Sorceress on Netflix instead of another bad movie.

eddieloks92 28 Jul 2018
on is bad ass!! comes out! Great movie even tho it looks like a typical alien invader movie, but still great!

pauloquicoli 31 Jul 2018
This movie isn't so bad... The problem is this lack of information about what had happened

DYLANmmc 30 May 2018
That movie is bad. That movie is not a classic.

Thogar 15 Apr 2018
I did not get a "Will is Damien" vibe AT ALL. Maxwell Jenkins is perfect as Will. I honestly thought the movie was toilet-worthy. Every thing about it was bad.

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