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New York Penn Station
Riding the railroad to my first job at Magnet Media.
Broadway <3
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Yes oh my goodness. Mostly my dad but sometimes I can hear my mother's very strong southern accent shouting over everyone yelling "WOOOOO WOOOOO"
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F*** It. Let's go to New York. Always a GREAT plan.
JOSEPH JOHNSON, Ret. NYPD This is a foot Patrolman from the 1940's. Bickford's was a diner/restaurant. In my neighborhood in Manhattan there was one on Dyckman St & one on Broadway...there were entrances one on each street. MY neighborhood was a notoriously Irish drinking neighborhood consequently on Fri nights and Saturday nights Bickford's was usually broken up by "residents" brawling and a notorious Cop Fighter windows were always being put in on Mondays...LOL
New York, New York State Park Police Ford Rescue Truck.
... it demands to be felt... ✨
Shouldn't let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch.
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i love it here. at night. when the snow is falling. strawberry park hot springs, steamboat springs, co.
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AMtwo 22 May 2017 shared via Twitter
Maybe it's time for to get a job. There's a handsome GSP that works for the Amtrak Police at Penn Station in NYC

neiltyson 28 Sep 2010 shared via Twitter
Police dogs. Combat guards w/assault rifles. ID checks. 1960s SovietUnion? 1940s Germany? No. Amtrak NYC to DC - America 2010

shashib 8 Jan 2009 shared via Twitter
Amtrak Photo Contestant Arrested by Amtrak Police in NYC's Penn Station

MichelleBarish 19 Nov 2015 shared via Twitter
Amtrak is on it. Just got off the Acela from DC to NYC. Dogs. Very very big armed police officers. Opening bins....

JoeyBoots 22 Aug 2014 shared via Twitter
Amtrak Police Prisoner Transport - Because you never know when that DC to NYC bar car will get out of hand.

coton_luver 14 Apr 2017
Pandemonium erupts @ Penn Station NYC. Amtrak police used a stun gun on man & scared riders scramble 4 safety.

UpsideStories 9 Nov 2011
All service between PHL and NYC suspended as police probe death on the tracks

WTNH 23 Aug 2010
Amtrak confirming pedestrian killed in Enfield at 314pm by southbound passenger train from St Albans to NYC. Police investigating.

TodayILearnd 12 Jun 2014
TIL that in 2009, Amtrak police arrested a guy for taking pictures of trains as they pulled into NYC's Penn St...

dhsscitech 4 Nov 2015
S&T’s worked w/ & to screen for radiological material during Pope’s U.S. tour:

CardiacScience 19 Oct 2009
NYC police officer saves man on subway with AED, odd though that the train didn't have AEDs like Amtrak does:

MKhan47 22 Mar 2016
At NYC Penn Station: National Guard, Port Authority, TSA, Amtrak Police monitoring domestic travel post

LaurenDawnFox29 25 Mar 2016
Current situation at 30th Street Station in the Amtrak atrium. Police presence increased. Waiting for NYC train. 🙏🏾

geminiimatt 1 Aug 2012
Penn station evacuation! Amtrak. smells funny @ Amtrak

agreatbigcity 7 Jan 2017
Amtrak Police at Penn Station Nab Man Who Escaped NYPD Custody in Greenwich Village More than a Week Ago

mikeconlow 9 Jul 2012
Amtrak high-speed rail investments would reduce Philly -> NYC trip to 37 minutes! And create tons of jobs.

kevin_powell 3 Dec 2014
On Amtrak to Boston for business meetings thinking about the grand jury in not indicting the police officer...

stevebuttry 2 Mar 2012
Amtrak police have identified the woman who was killed on the tracks by the train I rode home from NYC last week.

IntelCenter1 18 Sep 2016
FlashNet: US: NYC OEM: Police activity in Elizabeth, NJ, all NJ bound Amtrak & NJT trains are being held in Pe...

robertfrench160 15 Mar 2017
You know you're in NYC when there're 3 different police agencies in one spot... NYSP,Amtrak Police, and Military Police

heregoesmuffin 15 Jan 2017
Just saw police offer to buy a man in need breakfast. So sweet. 💕

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