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docjameson 10 Jun 2017 shared via Twitter
How do you apply for a job as a ticket agent say in Syracuse NY?

hkwarren 29 Oct 2012 shared via Twitter
Wednesday trip from Erie, PA to Syracuse, NY cancelled already. Universe is against my travelling for job interviews.

syracusedotcom 4 Jan 2010 shared via Twitter
Amtrak warns riders train to Syracuse will be 8 hours late: Syracuse, NY - Amtrak riders in Syracuse are used to tr...

RAILMag 7 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
Upstate NY rail languishes while politicians debate | Syracuse Post-Standard –

dtsteele 11 Jul 2010 shared via Twitter
I'm at Syracuse Amtrak in Syracuse, NY

MsMarshaeX 13 Aug 2012
I just checked in at Syracuse, NY using the Amtrak mobile application

JoshPowerSF 6 Apr 2012
I'm at Amtrak - Syracuse Station (Syracuse, NY)

JobsOysterBay 10 Mar 2010
Oyster Bay Jobs Accounting Clerk - Amtrak - New York, NY: THE SAFETY OF OUR PASSENGERS, OUR EMPLOYEES, THE PUBLI...

DR4WARD 22 Aug 2011
Waiting for train. (@ Amtrak @ Syracuse, NY)

conservatweet 7 Sep 2010
[FreeRepublic] Amtrak contract to create 575 jobs in Elmira Heights, NY: ELMIRA HEIGHTS - A five-year, $298.1 mill...

annamnewton 23 May 2009
Trying to get myself to Syracuse, NY on July 19th. Just called Via Rail, waiting on the line for Amtrak, checked the buses too, common now!

ChrisVanPatten 23 Jan 2009
I feel like a public transport wiz. I'm going to Oswego, NY using only the NFTA, Amtrak, and CENTRO (Syracuse-area buses). Yay lack of car!

depeche_love 11 Jul 2012

SusanNatoli 14 Sep 2012
Hello Central NY (@ Syracuse Amtrak Station)

strettyit 29 Jun 2012
Amtrak site said arrival in NF, ny at 4:33pm. We are 10min outside of Syracuse.

hueypetersen 31 May 2012
On the train and ready for 14 hours of Amtrak with a quick 6 hour stop in Syracuse NY.

Cisamisa 17 May 2012
Stretch break in Syracuse 131 Alliance Bank Pkwy Syracuse, NY 13208

johnnnie44 19 Feb 2012
The time has come to leave wonderful , See you soon .. here I c... (at Amtrak @ Syracuse, NY) —

TheatreChat 4 Feb 2012
On way home to NYC then MIA.. (@ Amtrak @ Syracuse, NY)

HondoMesa 13 Jan 2012
Just boarded Amtrak 281 to Syracuse, NY. Can't wait to get back to the family.

goonersgirl008 26 Dec 2011
Leaving Syracuse :( (@ Amtrak @ Syracuse, NY)

waynestewart 5 Oct 2011
Birthplace of Richard Gere. No evidence of him here at the moment. (@ Amtrak @ Syracuse, NY)

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