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It's not always slow on . The video clip is from on board The Ethan Allen Express and is going 110 MPH between Schenectady and Albany, NY. This section of track is controlled by and freight trains stay out of the way.

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villagevoice 5 Mar 2018
In today's daily news roundup, corrupt cops keep their jobs and the Amtrak tunnel from NJ to NY is crumbling:

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SteelWheelsKev 10 Dec 2015
Toys for Tots train crosses the Mohawk River, Schenectady, NY, 12/5.

MarleneGil2 25 Jun 2017
A dramatic sky over Schenectady, NY Next stop Utica (@ Schenectady Station)

Jjsreed 26 Dec 2018
The elimination of the Schenectady-Albany single-track bottleneck is one of my favorite Empire Service upgrades (especially with Waze screaming about 104mph in a 30 zone). Great precedent for improving NYS rail service.

beaconspring 12 Jun 2019
Wow coming to Schenectady (Albany, NY area). For those who cannot make the Amtrak ride to the city. Review: 'Waitress' at Proctors is pleasantly familiar via

syracusedotcom 2 Aug 2016
Upstate NY girl, 16, dies after being struck by Amtrak train in Schenectady County

: NY Governor met with the President to discuss needed infrastructure projects that will supply jobs. The Gateway project is $30B: 2 tunnels across Hudson River that carry Amtrak trains to serve the entire NorthEast US. OR the airtrain from new airport to Manhattan.

Did you know you can get to Seattle by train from.... Schenectady NY???? Take the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago and then the Empire Builder to Washington State. See the USA, and experience the fun of riding on a train! – at Schenectady Amtrak Station

AllAboardOhio 31 Dec 2019
trains travel at 100+ mph daily. They just do it in states like NY w/ passenger development programs. This is a screen shot of a GPS speedometer on a train between Schenectady & Albany that also serves Bryan, Toledo, Sandusky, Elyria, Cleveland

AllAboardOhio 7 Sep 2019
Actually, the trains through Sandusky regularly travel at 79 mph. And from near Schenectady, NY to near New York City, the Lake Shore Ltd travels 90-110 mph. Trains in Michigan also travel at 110 mph.

MariaTeresa1 25 Apr 2019
Thats his thing. Amtrak stops in Delaware bc that’s how rolls. Joe, make infrastructure modernization- high-speed rail part of your platform. As aDC to NY corridor rider trying to make it home for dinner, my kids would thank you! Oh, and then it’s shovel ready jobs too.

RisksRewards 7 Feb 2019
And that is exactly how the NY subways, commuter trains and Amtrak are currently "run'... by people disincentivized to work and/or provide a decent service to their riders, many of whom depend on those trains to get to their jobs.

issac_gardiner 23 Nov 2018
Btw, here’s a video of Amtrak running Empire Service between Amsterdam and Schenectady, NY moments ago. It is absurd that has not extended this from Albany to Boston (w stops at least at Pittsfield, Westfield, Springfield, Palmer, Worcester, Framingham). Time 2 Step up!

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