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This is the best article I've read on unemployment numbers. Labor force participation is the key.
Article: Two Paths Toward Common Core Standards Assessments. Posted By: Dylan Scott,
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(Bowling Green Daily News) -- “Most often when we see it, it’s done more through coercion, through threats, ‘if you want to keep your job, you have to have sex with me.’ In terms of violent threats, we see it less often. It definitely comes up at least weekly in people reaching out to the national sexual assault helpline." -- RAINN's Scott Berkowitz, referring to sexual assault in the workplace
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Our Coast Starlight travels daily between LA and Seattle.
Oakland 1943, ladies doing their bit during World War II which represented a turning point for women’s employment in the United States. While women, especially unmarried women, had increasingly taken jobs outside the home since the turn of the century, most worked in service and clerical positions. In the early 1940s, however, wartime production combined with labor shortages to open new opportunities for women in comparitively high-paying industrial jobs…including the railroads. Congrats!
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Light rail-- Malinvestment...actually cheaper to give low income people a huge amount to privately fund their own transportation....and then they have flexibility in the job market. Let those using it pay for it as cost is exorbitant and the train id not flexible but rather bends individual to public engineering. Its both a pragmatic and philisophical quagmire.
2020 Democrats jump to endorse Green New Deal despite spending hundreds of thousands on air travel - including private jets
2020 Democrats jump to endorse Green New Deal despite spending hundreds of thousands on air travel - including private jets
Amtrak Rail Tunnel Funding Still Unclear After Cuomo-Trump Meeting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pictured here is optimistic about the future of the Gateway tunnel project after meeing with President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Elise Young Toluse Olorunnipa and Henry Goldman / Bloomberg Skift Take: President Trump promised voters an overhaul of the country's infrastructure and so far he hasn't delivered. The northeast corridor rail tunnel is perhaps the greatest infrastructure test the preside
California High-Speed Rail Statewide System Map
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Yes, they don't care if the little people die.
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damianholbrook 12 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
‘Connecting’ endlessly. Once again, WiFi is janky AF and PLEASE don’t suggest I ask the conductor to reset the WiFi, Amtrak. I didn’t pay for this ticket so I could do your job of delivering an advertised service.

SFivlo Feb 28 shared via Twitter
I don’t pay $356 a month to Amtrak. It is the shitty lirr’s job to figure this out but they won’t because they are corrupt and incompetent.

rachelkiley 27 Aug 2017 shared via Twitter
Should I pay $100 more to take Amtrak across the country instead of flying? Probably. Does anyone have a $100 job to hire me for?

djransom 8 Jul 2010 shared via Twitter
Amtrak is n great demand of janitors. I know it isn't the cleanest job but startin rate of pay is $13/hr. Apply @ AMTRAK.COM

gregk5464 26 Apr 2015 shared via Twitter
How Washington Derailed Amtrak via "Is this a frustrating job?" But, what does it pay you CEO?

eGeeking Jan 17
Oh damn! I don’t envy the job of whoever they’ve got covering Amtrak’s Twitter today. Got to wonder if they went “Well that’s horrid and way beyond my pay grade” and just noped out.

GeneAPseattle 10 Aug 2016
Amtrak to pay $112,000, adopt new policies after man denied job in Seattle bc of epilepsy. :

nwnc5th Mar 24
The "low-wage" jobs you think ppl shouldn't do are essential for daily life. Someone will always have to do them - they're structural jobs, foundational even. 1000x education for everyone won't eliminate this essential work, it's time to recognize and pay their value.

Chevrolet_Chris 7 Sep 2011
@HanGonHollywood I just can't do it Hannah, even tho Amtrak jobs pay 20 sumthin an hour I can't leave

sheyenne9 18 Dec 2017
My dad worked for Amtrak. Over the years, I watched as three independent jobs, became a single individual’s responsibility. No pay increase, just triple the work. It was hard to watch my proud WWII Dad work his ass off! Stop the cuts!!!

ItsWaveMiyagi 19 Aug 2015
Amtrak is hiring if u need a job. No degree required. Some positions pay up to 25 hr...

pezduro 15 May 2018
Gotcha, maybe in certain cases the city should work with to facilitate people getting to their jobs. Im lucky and can work remotely. Others who have to be onsite might not be able to pay $17 fee to board their bike. add alerts to your app, it’s #2018

MidnightPR 4 Nov 2010
RT : If anyone is looking for a job Amtrak is hiring. All states. Entry level positions starting pay (cont)

Conservativeind 21 Nov 2014
. Amtrak & the MBTA have done horrible jobs of running their business. Taxpayers pay the price

biggsag 22 Dec 2017
You're probably right. I was thinking of pay as representing the importance that Amtrak places on the job, which might tell us something about how they view safety issues overall. But then, you can also just look at safety systems directly, as you say.

DYatchmenoff Apr 12
What jobs will they be? Will AOC be a leader in the green new deal? What is wealthy defined as? You have heard of Amtrak, FreddyMac, and FreddyMae or Obamacare? Where has the govt run anything that was meant for the greater good and they end up telling me to pay more taxes.😤

Lee_Pham 4 May 2013
The US Senate: Jobs, Voting, Guantanamo, Amtrak, Food Aid, Immigration, Gun Rights. Pay attention, fellow citizens.

mmclauchlan89 5 Feb 2013
Start a fund to pay for Amtrak up and back, haha only way its gonna happen unfortunately. Might have to settle for a crap job.

CentralCalRep 10 Oct 2017
I took a $12 AMTRAK to DTSD and I needed to show ID to buy the ticket. City folks have jobs, pay taxes, have credit cards. Need ID for that.

AColorland15 5 Apr 2010
I need a change of jobs but one where I can ride the Amtrak to and from nyc into mass and its got to pay way more than I earn now

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