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RailPictures.Net Photo: AMTK 165 Amtrak GE P40DC at Wagon Mound, New Mexico by William Diehl
By joining Voices for Public Transit you can help us educate our lawmakers on the importance of supporting policies that encourage investment in public transit. Affordable, reliable public transportation helps: Connect people to jobs, education & other community service reduce air pollution & our carbon footprint, ease traffic congestion, create local jobs & strengthen our overall economy,
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Railroad Humor
RailPictures.Net Photo: AMTK 76 Amtrak GE P42DC at Wagon Mound, New Mexico by Shawn Christie
Union Pacific 1943, SD70AH, Erda, UT, March 17, 2018
Mighty Trains
Mighty Trains
Amtrak 937 crawls onto the Keddie Wye and will soon stop at a red signal on the other side of tunnel
US by rail: Take the slow train down the West Coast
Take the slow train down the West Coast
Ridin' the Rails
RailPictures.Net Photo: SP 9220 Southern Pacific Railroad EMD SD45T-2 at Dunsmuir, California by cz17
Westfir Oregon
Abandoned Southern Pacific Railroad Tunnel near Westfir, Oregon, just below Hemlock.
RailPictures.Net Photo: SP 8180 Southern Pacific Railroad GE C44-9W (Dash 9-44CW) at Rio, Utah by James Belmont
10 Things To Pack for Your Amtrak Train Ride: Useful Items to Bring on a Train Trip
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railroad pics
RailPictures.Net Photo: SP 8436 Southern Pacific Railroad EMD SD40 at Weed, California by cz17
ponderation: “ Snowy Train Trestle by Kenneth Keifer ”
Five Amtrak Rides with Spectacular Fall Foliage Views
Amtrak train traveling through the Allegheny Mountains
Are we on Mars by 3window34 on DeviantArt
Are we on Mars by 3window34 on DeviantArt
South of Dunsmuir, CA. Southern Pacific Railroad on the Sacramento River circa 1960
Rio Grande DRGW
Classic Woodie
timberfolk: Alaska Railroad by Josh Merrill Photography on Flickr.
Southern Pacific 301, GE AC4400CW, Tolland, CO, May 1, 1999
A string of SP locomotives covered with soot from tunnel service.

Tracktwentynine 23 Aug 2017 shared via Twitter
This seems like a job for wide-angle lens. @ Raton, New Mexico

BennetCornelius 27 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
True across SW Colorado and NE New Mexico, but runs 80-100 freights a day between NM and LAX, and 60-70 or more Kansas City-Chicago, and does a good job moving the Southwest Chief in-between all of that.

HSRail 6 Nov 2014 shared via Twitter
Study estimates economic, job, tax losses for New Mexico if Amtrak route shifted

RioGrandeFndn 10 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
This week's podcasts explored evasion at "Spaceport America," real employment vs. "green jobs” in , the costly pointlessness of 's Southwest Chief, and the disaster that would be .

MassArt_Images 2 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Thanks for sharing! Great job catching the engines splitting the semiphore signals! That view might go extinct if the new CEO gets his way and puts a bus 🚌 bridge between New Mexico and Colorado. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

4JobsInUsa 8 Jun 2015
PASSENGER CONDUCTOR TRAINEE 90186024 Albuquerque Amtrak Albuquerque NM: #6 June 2015-- Delive...

HSRail 6 Nov 2014
Study estimates economic, job, tax losses for New Mexico if Amtrak route shifted

AmtrakMM 6 Nov 2014
Study estimates economic, job, tax losses for New Mexico if Amtrak route shifted - AP

Bill_Gross 30 Mar 2013
Beautiful New Mexico from the Amtrak train on the way to Santa Fe

MidlifeRoadTrip 18 Sep 2014
Photo: Participating in from the train in New Mexico

RickGriffin 18 Sep 2014

joeyhodges 6 Mar 2014

SandiMcKenna 19 Sep 2014
Glorious evening on the train in New Mexico

SavIsSavvy 6 Mar 2014
Only stop in New Mexico on , feeling the Breaking Bad vibe (@ Lordsburg Amtrak Station (LDB)) [pic]:

NathanielAugust 17 Apr 2014
Goodbye New Mexico! San Diego or bust!!

SandiMcKenna 18 Sep 2014
My 1st time in New Mexico. My view from the Chief

KOB4 1 Apr 2012
Northern New Mexico Amtrak train service in jeopardy: National train service through New Mexico could be in jeopardy...

CJOnline 2 Feb 2014
Latest News: Amtrak train planned through Kansas could derail with New Mexico governor: SANTA FE, N.M. — A pro...

aashtospeaks 18 Mar 2014
'New Mexico to Study Cost-Sharing for Route'

rocketman528 13 May 2012
The Raton Pass tunnel connects New Mexico & Colorado through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

santaferealtime 10 Jul 2014
Amtrak CEO to stop in New Mexico about train route: Amtrak's top executive plans to meet with New Mexico...

RickGriffin 18 Sep 2014

americanrails 5 Sep 2013
Amtrak's "Southwest Chief" led by P42DC #61 passes through rural Rowe, New Mexico on August 20, 2013.

SmartGrowthUSA 23 Oct 2012
Amtrak service cuts would hurt New Mexico seniors who rely on it to get around via

realjoe 27 May 2014
Crossing New Mexico. @ Amtrak Southwest Chief

CJOnline 18 Mar 2014
Latest News: New Mexico to study cost-sharing for Amtrak route with Colorado, Kansas: SANTA FE, N.M. — New Me...

santaferealtime 12 Nov 2013
Amtrak route in jeopardy in NM, other states: An Amtrak official says New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas communities...

marctomik 13 Jun 2013
The sightseer lounge living up to its name through New Mexico. @ New Mexico state line

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