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Travel Tip: Don't Forget Amtrak Offers Rail Passes
Travel Tip: Don’t Forget Amtrak Offers Rail Passes
amtrak auto train, did this and loved it. This is the only way we will go to and from Florida
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LIRC - Flatrock River Bridge Through truss bridge over Flatrock River on Louisville and Indianapolis Railroad in Columbus Open to traffic Once part of the Pennsylvania Railroad's route between Indy and Louisville, later used by Amtrak for it's Floridian and Southwind trains to Florida, and much later the Kentucky Cardinal. Today owned by the Louisville and Indiana Railroad.
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ABC7Leticia 15 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
550 employees at this call center in learned yesterday via email they are being laid off as of January. Employees claim the company has outsourced their jobs to a non-Union call center in Florida.

cascade_tweets Mar 2 shared via Twitter
Meanwhile in South Florida: NOW THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR (they run in FL but wayyy up north and also operates a stack train with the FEC) !!!!

Deemoney521 12 May 2018 shared via Twitter
President Obama had a huge infrastructure projects nationwide which provided many jobs for Unions! Amtrak along got $60-70 million in Chicago. Illinois, Indiana, Florida got lots of infrastructure $$'s

BillAdkinsKY 27 May 2017 shared via Twitter

lorenzoferrer3 30 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter
..hello...whats best way to apply for a job in miami..florida?

AConcertMom 16 Dec 2016
Great job to your crew on train 91 in Florida keeping us updated & as comfortable as possible during our situation.

RosemaryOHara14 8 Jun 2017
Hope you encouraged him to support rail service and not kill Amtrak in Florida. Hundreds of thousands will be affected. It will kill jobs.

Cory5412 18 Dec 2017
I have bad news for you: The single level cars will not be any more modern than bilevels would have been. The only difference is that the California Cars are 20 years old and the outfit in Florida has done a very good job ordering slightly better equipment than Amtrak.

Mon7622 Mar 4
Just boarded an Amtrak train in Philly bound for Florida. Went over the whole roomette with Lysol wipes and there was no noticeable dirt! Great job keeping things clean !

Red_Ocelot 25 Nov 2019
Anderson ... laid off a “550-employee call center in , Calif.” & SUBCOBTRACTED THOSE JOBS TO NONUNION FLORIDA among many facts which this article omits |Amtrak Has a Plan for Profitability, and You Won’t Like It

kingRent 12 Dec 2018
Can you reach out to Richard Anderson president and CEO of Amtrak and ask him why he’s closing a Union office in Riverside California as opposed to a non union office in Florida which will result in the loss of over 500 jobs.

jcagzzz 5 Feb 2013
Guess who got a job in Florida with Amtrak .

Kenwelch 9 May 2011
Amtrak, 15 States will get Florida's $2 billion in high speed rail funding, and the jobs that go along with it....

Chevrolet_Chris 8 Mar 2011
That only position open for the Amtrak job is in Florida, my mom said so? Fuck what you heard i aint leaving the tristate area Lol

petrosil 6 Mar 2011
Jobs With Amtrak In Florida -

anamariecox 13 Mar 2009
Rep. Brown of Florida BRINGS IT IN THE SNUGGIE: "Even if it's cold here, it's a HOT day for Amtrak!" I think I'm falling in love.

news6wkmg 20 Oct 2009
Man On Tracks Killed By Amtrak Train: A man was killed when he was hit by an Amtrak train in Central Florida, d..

tuckeralbrizzi 25 Nov 2010
yup Amtrak and some in Florida

WBTV_News 14 May 2010
Passengers on derailed Amtrak train, arrive in Charlotte: Train passengers along the East Coast from Florida to Ne...

WESH 20 Nov 2008
Amtrak's Auto Train Stalled Until Weekend: Travelers on Amtrak's Auto Train will be stuck in Central Florida..

10TampaBay 18 May 2009
news from tampa bay Amtrak to build new Florida Auto Train station : It will be in the same l..

GlennMadden 20 Oct 2009
18-year-old in Florida killed by Amtrak train

BreakingNews 17 Jul 2007
BREAKING NEWS -- Amtrak passenger train derails in Plant City, Florida; number of injuries reported; nine cars leaking fuel, WESH 2 reports.

BreakingNews 17 Jul 2007
JUST IN -- Amtrak passenger train collides with pickup truck in Plant City, Florida; partially derails; no word on injuries at this point.

ReedTimmerAccu 17 Jan 2011
Tornado watch in South Florida I need to surge south on Amtrak!

rail_pro_mag 19 May 2009
Amtrak launches construction on new Auto Train station in Florida

BCSO2146 24 Jan 2010
Amtrak trains derails in Fairfax County: The train was traveling from DC to West Palm Beach, Florida. It lost cont...

MichaelEhline 31 Mar 2010
Auburndale, Florida woman sustained minor injuries in collision with Amtrak train: Legal News for Florida Train Ac...

treatmenter 2 Jun 2010
I want to travel by amtrak to tampa florida from charleston, wv sometime in october 2007?

ENR_SE 12 Jan 2010
Amtrak makes pitch to run high-speed rail system in Florida. A sign Florida will win a piece of federal rail pie?

candicewalsh 20 Mar 2010
Yikes. :-/ RT : on Amtrak train in Florida. We just hit a car. Seriously.

AmalyaRG 3 May 2010
On the Road: Orlando's commuter rail an obstacle in reestablishing Amtrak on Florida East Coa...

OrlandoFLNews 1 May 2010
On the Road: Orlando's commuter rail an obstacle in ... - Florida Times-Union: STUART - The Amtrak train I'm on be...

jax_just_in 1 May 2010
Orlando's commuter rail an obstacle in reestablshing Amtrak on Florida East Coast Rail

jasonclampet 16 Feb 2011
Important biz lessons about Amtrak from Florida's gov., the ex-CEO responsible for largest Medicare fraud in history

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