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Union Station, Chicago, Illinois. Two statues on the east wall hold a rooster and an owl, signifying day/night, the 24 hour nature of railroad travelers
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Fall Asleep in Class! An historic elementary school turned unique hotel and restaurant located in Northeast Portland.
Surfliner Going Through the Wash Rack
Thanks to Alex Gillman for this one...I believe I’m working the 1500 8Th Street Yard Job and we’ve just brought back a Surfliner Set from Los Angeles Union to Amtrak’s 8th Street Yard. Running a train through the wash is quite the task especially if the train doesn’t want to roll. The wash will shut itself down if the speed of the train picks up over a certain speed, if I remember correctly it’s 2MPH is the max, it will also shut down if you go to slow.
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This $97 Train Ride Shows the Stunning Beauty of the West Coast
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Travel Tip: Don't Forget Amtrak Offers Rail Passes
Travel Tip: Don’t Forget Amtrak Offers Rail Passes
10 of the Most Scenic Train Rides In North America
10 of the Most Scenic Train Rides - Train Travel USA
The cab of Amtrak Veteran's Unit #42 is as impeccable as the exterior. The crews at Beech Grove did an excellent job of painting this locomotive inside and out. In an initiative tied to this special locomotive, Amtrak is committed to having 25% of its new hires be veterans by 2015.
Infographic: 5 Steps for Giving Employee Recognition that Motivates and Inspires : ) Kudos
Amtrak E9A #425 and SDP40F #591 lay over between assignments at the now-abandoned Buffalo Central Terminal on July 15, 1977.
Rail Insider-KCS locomotive sports patriotic paint scheme to honor vets. Information For Rail Career Professionals From Progressive Railroading Magazine

AmtrakCareers 16 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter

roland58 11 Nov 2010 shared via Twitter

visuals4u 7 Nov 2010 shared via Twitter
Amtrak available. $19-26/hr. & expenses provided.

KAhmadLaw 20 Jun 2011 shared via Twitter

AmtrakCareers 8 Aug 2013 shared via Twitter
is hiring professionals! Several positions available in Washington DC

laura0108NJ Feb 24
Do your dispatch employees take a test for the job to ensure they are the absolute stupidest people available? The 3704 came on trk 2 alongside another NJT on trk 1. This is insane when all the escalators are working, but more so when NONE ARE! You all SUCK!

AmtrakCareers 29 Aug 2013
RT : Hungry? We have new menus available in our Café Car! What sounds most delicious?

jobschicago 28 Oct 2009
Special Agent: Details: Amtrak has an immediate opportunity available for a Special Agent in the ..

Amtrak 30 Jul 2013
@openendedsky We're not certain if Social Media jobs are available, but please visit for Amtrak job opportunities.

MomsPumpHere 20 Jan 2018
What a beautiful space!🤰🏼🤱🏻❤️ great job . We’ll double check our listings to make sure it’s available on the Nursing Room Locator.

NotYurChick 4 Sep 2010
okay i went through almost 2 hours of application hell only to have them not have any available jobs? screw you amtrak.

MrVinnieSays 1 Dec 2010
the two gents directing people traffic at Paoli station to available shuttle/Amtrak service are doing an excellent job.

AmtrakJobs 2 Oct 2013
Are you a ? We're hiring Recruiters at Amtrak several location options available!

RepDonatucci 28 Sep 2012
Reminder that government funded jobs available through Amtrak. See below.

kimbikeskc 21 Oct 2019
No—I wish riding the train with my bike was my job! I’m available for that position anytime :)

KimFisherDC 13 Jul 2013
Calling all ! wants YOU! 3,000 jobs available:

peteyVanP Mar 9
I wish I believed you. I reported last week that you were not taking the seriously. Do your job! More cleaning. Hand sanitizer should be available. Announcements. Please! People need good transit

flybeta 5 Jun 2015
New Available: Office Worker – Amtrak Chicago

Outrageous. I could understand asking you to move if a guardian /child needed to sit together, there was a seat available for you, and moving your bags was offered. Otherwise, I hope she’s looking for one of those plentiful jobs!

ginamhardin Mar 18
idea - cut your availability by 1/2 on the trains. Close the cafe car. Make water available on the train in sealed bottles and pretzels as self serve . No long haul trains where ppl need to congregate but ppl need to be able to travel for emergencies or essential jobs

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