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vagabond_rogue Apr 19 shared via Twitter
I really like the concept and design behind the 5e Lamia.

ZulterithArt 24 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
✨Golden Beauty✨ Meet Gina! My DnD 5e Lamia Paladin of Sarenrae the Everlight!

Aclippinger Feb 15 shared via Twitter
On a quick check, lamia can certainly survive on non-humanoid flesh but they're driven to consume it. So in summary 5E lamia can be PC's the way 5E gnolls can be PC's: "If you ignore the lore parts that say they shouldn't be, they probably can be."

Nerdarchy Feb 15 shared via Twitter
idk about lamia but wemic is very cool. Nerdarchist Ted loves 'em and it was one of the first things he worked on creating when 5E was shiny and new.

Cayzle 30 Jun 2017 shared via Twitter

grendas 6 Oct 2014
1st ...Only @ Dekko Club Lamia /w 5e Entrance (Drink,Included) ...

AerrickMatthew 29 Jan 2018
Nasty Randy the lizardfolk really wants to eat a halfling. Lamia gives Scary Terry Gauntlets Of Ogre Strength, is now VERY Scary Terry.

lamia_aln 25 Jan 2019

lamia_os 3 May 2013
@Your_mryoom ya 5e a7bha ya5e jmeela bshkl ugh follow w rjlk fog rask 😍😘

Sheepdog42 Apr 6
Starting in 30 minutes at the top of the hour, Sun Kissed, a Vampire the Masquerade 5e Campaign. Cast : Tune in here! [Can Tess resist the wiles of Lamia? [Can Vandi???]]

ie_5e 19 Sep 2015

CzBacklash 6 Dec 2019
Everyone else has done it to death but I wanna throw my hat in the ring for making a serpentfolk/lamia playable race for 5e. I just think snakes are neat, okay? 🐍

GevalApart 9 Apr 2010
RT : Met andra whitley lamia yeliz elson nilson ashley eddie stefanie sander railyson en miriam 5e paasdaag vieren whoehoeee!!

MireliAmbar Mar 24
I played a Lamia called Lillith in 5E who charmed her way through life - except a paladin who was determined to find out who she was all the way through. No one knew she was a Vamp until about the 6th session... :P

July617 28 Sep 2017
Do you have lamia's and mul's? For 5e

Lamia_HB 9 Oct 2016
Coupe de France 5e tour : Val d'Europe - Paris FC

ie_5e 19 Sep 2015

KKRP2 19 Jul 2019
Used them in 4e--lamia seduced elven leader, stole his ring, hired goblin mercenaries using it to attack local lycanthropes, then used her jackalweres to frame lycans for attack on elves to spark war. 4e group fell right into Graz'zt's plot + 5e group had to deal with the fallout

Lamia_931 14 Oct 2013
Toujours la cette rivalité depuis la 5e :p

Lamia_931 14 Aug 2013
Ptddddddr ! Ca c'etait en 6e ou 5e je sais plus ! Toi quand tu avais jeté une boule de neige en cours de maths sur le tableau mdrr

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